Is there any way to join the MLS without having all the dues and fees. I am in Wisconsin and I ve been told that I can’t without having the other fees with it!

If you are going to be an agent you need the tools of your trade. In Houston the MLS has a public face but you don’t get enough tools to actually do the job of an agent. If you don’t want to pay for the access to the MLS you can use your boyfriends MLS but I think that is against the use agreeement.

In order to join MLS, you have to be licensed real estate agent, licensed sales person or licensed or certified appraiser.

Some MLS services will allow a limited account access - usually only sold data - for a flat fee per month. But, if you are an active real estate agent or appraiser, you are going to need more. I realize that the yearly fees and monthly membership costs can really hurt, but it is the cost of doing business and will payoff in the end. You will do your clients a huge disservice by not having this extremely profitable marketing tool at your disposal.

Zizzle, google “Williams vs San Fernando Valley Board of Realtors”, 1998, and you will find that you can join the MLS and get most of the data they have.

One way is that you want to established connections to agents. They will send you deals.