Mls vs Parcel numbers

hello to all:
Ok, I found the property address, went to the county assesors office and got the parcel number, now I want to see if this address has been listed or not, how do I do that?
any advise?

kp did you drive by & look for a sign in the yard? :banghead
lol just feeling silly today

hey Harriett, no problem, it’s ok to be in a silly mood some times, god knows we all need it!! But to answer your question, this was a property that was all boarded up, couldn’t even read the number on the curb, so I took down the neighbor’s address, and then when I went to the assesor’s office I was able to come up with the APN. but now that i have the apn what is the easiest way to see if it matches one on the numbers that could possibly be in the mls. how do i check it agains all the mls numbers?
your thoughts will always be appreciated.

kp, i honestly don’t know, but would like to find out. :bobble maybe someone with that knowledge will chime in soon & help us out. :help

Go to and see if it is listed