MLS subscription for non-agents?

Hi, I asked my agent to send me all the new listings under $100k from my area and it’s a great thing. Not only am I informed promptly new properties on the market but also in case of properties that got sold, it shows the actual final sale price and this is a great source of comps.

Doeas anybody know if there is a way for non-agents to subscribe to MLS service to be able to find expired listings, properties sold in last years and all that useful information?


I’ve never heard of a non-agent purchasing access to the MLS, but i would imagine it may be possible. Everyone will accept money afterall. With that being said, I know many agents that will “provide” access to the MLS for a fee.

Just did some research and you can not get access to MLS if you are not a broker. Nevertheless you have a good idea about helpful agents. I remember one of them gave me a HUD key once to go look at the house (he was to lazy to go show it himself) and never wanted it back… Maybe I will give him a call. :slight_smile: