MLS Search

I’ve recently obtained access to my local MLS and since I am focusing on wholesaling I wanted to maximize the use of the MLS to find potential wholesale deals. I know that there is the capability of using some key words and/or phases to use during the search to locate possible wholesale properties. I would appreciate anyone providing me with the best words or phases to use. Also how valuable is it to search in the expired listings?


Bob Burns

handyman special, fixer upper, must sell, motivated seller, foreclosure

I think thats a decent start! :brow

A far more direct approach is to find out which agents in your area are the primary foreclosure agents then follow there leads.

Right now it is quite wasteful from my experience to chase expireds because most of the expireds seem to have expired NOT because they wanted more money for there pocket. But because they need to get there asking price just to get out from under the loan.

Sure you could do some stuff with shortsales and expireds. But it your market is anything like most markets in the US…Cheap houses are plentiful, it’s buyers that are hard to come by.