This question is for investors that use the MLS to locate deals.

Do you have a script prepared so when you call the listed houses you know what to say? And if so can you elaborate on what you say?

The reason for the question is because your wearing two hats, realtor and investor.

If you found it in the MLS, the seller has listed with a realtor and you will have to go through the sellers agent. They have signed a contract with them, so you cannot contact the seller directly ethically. If you choose to contact the seller directly, you would still have to buy the property subject to the sellers commission unless you work something out with the seller to wait until the listing is expired. I have had calls from people before who are listed and wait until the listing expires before I buy the home, but I do not actively pursue them. If I find a good deal in the MLS, I make an offer through the sellers agent directly or I use my own realtors to do the offer.

Thank you!

Waiting to the listing expires doesn’t help either because most listing contracts state that any offer that comes in x days/months after listing expires is still subject to a commission. Also, ANY offer that comes in because of the agent’s advertising is subject to commission. If you found the deal because of the agent’s effort, then a) the seller has a contractual obligation to pay the agent, and b) you, as an investor, should have an ethical obligation to pay the agent.


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