MLS Level Information

Hi all! Having had more time during lockdown I’m looking to get back into property investing. Wondering what sites you guys use. As it’s Florida I’m used to using stellar mls back when I worked for a realtor and find zillo etc really don’t cut it when looking for investment oppertunities.

Does anyone have other places they like to look or would you say it’s best to hit the streets and look for a friendly realtor to team up with?

Any input would be greatly appreciated.

Propestream has a lot of MLS data. Also get on the list of local wholesalers to see discounted off market deals.

I have heard list track has good info.

BiggerPockets is solid to connect with other people and agents usually lurk there!

You could also try these:

Salesforce Essentials
RealPage IMS

I agree with building a wholesaler list to source off market deals from them. You can find them on Bigger Pockets, Meetups, Google “we buy houses <insert market/city>” and start there!

We use propstream, but driving for dollars is good and free.