MLS Email Scrape

My cousin who is a Realtor signed me up to receive daily emails from the MLS for New listings, price reductions, expireds, etc. After a few days of looking through them I realized I could make a program that scrapes out the data and stores them into a database. I successfully did this and it is working very well! So now i’m in the process of creating market analysis reports, such as

  • average days on market by zip code
  • average Sale Price by Zip
  • Chart showing homes sold Prices over the last six months

I only have a weeks worth of data, but it will be growing everyday. Anyhow, my question is what would be some other handy reports I could come up with?

Thanks for any input


The size of the house or style of the house and the sold price.

Being able to calculate the price per square foot on houses is really helpful if you are in an area that has many different styles of homes.

Good suggestions LoriK. One thing i’ve noticed about the MLS emails i get is that the SquareFootage is rarely noted. I’d say about 5% actually have a value in that field. Sucks