I am a part-time investor in idaho.
does anyone who knows more info about getting MLS?
Taking classes and taking test for how long?
Local investors’ advice will be great!!! :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

most mls data bases are owned by local Realtor Association. In order to join or access, you get licensed through your state per their requirements, then join your local Board. Not all licensees are Realtors, this is an organization you join, often by requirement, if your sponsoring broker belongs. It is the only way in many areas that you can access mls data base.

Thanks for your info.
I have a question for every realtor who is reading this.

I know usually people tend to buy properties in the spring and summer time, but how busy the real estate market in fall and winter time?
Are many people still buying the properties in winter time?

MLS MRIS is a CENTRAL database used by every broker (Remax, Long and Foster, Century 21, etc).

When you take the license course, don’t drag it out. I’m in Maryland and you need 60 hrs so I did it in 4 weekends (8 hrs every Saturday and Sunday). The next advice is take the exam ASAP. The more you wait the more you forget. Make sure the instructor teaches the material required for the exam. Ask someone who is already taking the class about the instructor. I took my exam 2 weeks after the class ended. I was a bit scared but I knew the material very well. Pased 110 questions and got the license.

As far as selling in the winter, we sell, the investors I worked with last winter (I’m an agent in a 3 person team) drove through the snow to look at a property so the demand is there. The winter can be an edge for buyers (dedicated) because it will weed out the buyers who will say “look at the roads, nobody is going to see the house, the schools are closed, we can go next week and still put a contract on it”.
Of course the savvy buyer is writing a contract as the snow is accumulating on the road. :smiley:

Thanks for your usuful info.

so, no matter what season, there are people out there to buy houses, right?
well, I thought most of realtors or rehabbing/wholesaling investors are pretty much season worker, so they don’t work in winter time…

I can only speak for my market Maryland, D.C. and Virginia. This is an extremely hot market. You blink, you loose. I would check in your market. I hope we get a reply from an agent in your area.