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Howdy folks,

Two questions:

  1. If you get an RE license you can access the MLS, but how is it that you access it? I know my old RE/MAX agent had special software at the office and such.

  2. Has anyone gone to an online school for pre-license? I simply don’t have time to go in to class what with little league, a six month old, a wife, college (online) and a full time job! (no kidding, huh?)



I think once you join or sign up to work under a broker, you automatically get access to MLS systems.
Yes, I went to online school for a license. I took their course, they issued a certificate of completion, then I turn in an application with the certificate to schedule a date to take the state exam. It saves time but you need to study the book on your own and take the state exam. The online school will send you the books.

Ok, cool. But what if you dont plan on being an agent? We just want the license for MLS access and to save on commission costs. How would you access MLS in that scenario?



If you don’t want to work as an agent, you can hold your own license by becoming a broker. In my state (Missouri) you need to take the agent course, pass the test and then you can take the broker’s course and take that test. I did it all on-line and it took me about two months while working a full-time job. You need to check with your state real estate commission for their requirements.

Thanks Tom, good info. If I go that route, can you just sign up with a regional MLS to have access through the web to the listing or something?

Thanks again…


You have to check your state laws concerning becoming an agent and being a broker and being a broker-in-charge (owning the agency). Laws are different. In NC, now you must become a broker to sell RE. There is no more sales agent. And you have to work as a broker for 2 years BEFORE you can be a broker-in-charge, so no more getting your license and opening up an office. You’re going to have to work for someone for at least 2 years.

As far as getting MLS access, you get that becoming a Realtor, not by getting your RE license. Your state RE license means that you’re a licensed RE agent (or broker). You have to join the local chapter of the Board of Realtors to get access to the MLS.


Board of Realtors…That sounds like the piece I was missing. Thanks a ton for the info…

ps, sure wish that I could just pay a fee to MLS and have access to the listings. I have tried a few other sites, but they rarely give DOM, personal info, etc. in the listings…



ps, sure wish that I could just pay a fee to MLS and have access to the listings. I have tried a few other sites, but they rarely give DOM, personal info, etc. in the listings…

Check with your local Board of Realtors to see about becoming an affiliate member. I’ve only gotten sporadic information regarding affiliate memberships, but I think they give you (limited) access to the MLS without actually being an agent or broker. Someone with more insight can give you better feedback.

The other option, which is more difficult, is to find a REALTOR® that will search the MLS for you. The MLS that I belong enables me to setup automatic emailing of listings to clients that match a certain criteria. So each time a property is listed that matches the criteria set an email is sent to the client. If they want more information, they just call or email me and I can give them more information.

just become friends with realtors. they can be invaluable for MLS access, and a world of other stuff. just be up front that u r an up and comming investor. i have about 4 realtors that have become my friends as well, and we do favors for eachother all the time in this business. u can start by networking at ur local REI Club. where i am in TX, u need MLS to get comps becuz TX is a non-disclosure state and those numbers are not avail anywhere else.

Texas, it’s like a whole other country (in more ways than one)!

Hey, thanks Tony…and thanks to everyone else as well. I have been making tentative contact with a few realtors out here for this purpose…The only thing is, I hate to put anyone out or ask them to comp this and comp that you know? Once in a while I am comfortable with, but as much time as I plan on spending on this…I just wish there was a comparable system out there.

Anyway, thanks for the reply!


what state are u in?

also, that is y i have several realtors; honestly the relationship i have with them is beyond biz, becuz we have all become friends. there are more than one type of favor u can do. for instance, i own a coffee shop and one realtor is in the same plaza. i give her free coffee and stuff all the time. barter is a great tool when u use it correctly.

try these sites. i have found them accurate in Ohio. i am actually not sure what other states are non-disclosure states.

Here in CA, it costs 1000+ to join realtors association. I think you could ask your realtor how he get access to MLS.

MLS is exclusive to the National Association of Realtors. It is not part of being licensed, but you have to be licensed to get access to it. You would have to pay them both membership fee as well as MLS access fee. Not all brokers are signed up with the MLS system.

Here in San Antonio, you would pay quarterly for the access. It is web-based system served under SABOR (San Antonio Board of Realtors).

I am a Real Estate Broker and REALTOR® in California. I can tell you how you get access to the local MLS. You join the local Association of REALTORS® just like Roger said.

Many agents will not want to work with you without the promise of business. And indeed after a few “comps” that pan out to nothing they will probably stop working with you. Friends are different. I am an investor and I don’t mind providing comps. I see the relationship with investors paying dividends that are worth the investment.

how much is it for MLS access…? what about ? i wonder if the two programs contain same content…do you guys know ?

Thanks for all the great info guys…Tony, I will definitely check out those sites for comps…

Appreciate it folks…


Oh, sorry Tony, I am in Georgia…in the Atlanta area…Any resources you know of here?


I just did a search on for property in my area. I have access to MLS and I know what is available. The site told me that there was NOTHING found. I searched for any property with at least 1 bedroom and 1 bath from 100,000 to 1Mil any lot size. Can’t get much broader than that.

The MLS is a tool used by REALTORS (not all real estate agents) to list properties for sale. MLSLitings is a marketing tool designed to collect leads and feed them to RE profressional that have paid them to get the leads.

Based upon my search, I would say they do not contain the same information. The MLS contains non-public information that you can’t see on the major Internet home search sites. Do you know how long the property has been on the market? Do you know if the seller is willing to give concessions? This is information that the MLS does/may contain that the general public is not privy to.