MLS access

Do you have an MLS access?
Is it possible for a person to get MLS access? and where would you call for that?
My RE agent says that only RE agents can use it.
If I go on RE companies sites, it does not give the same quality information as MLS system.

Thanks you guys.

your agent is right. MLS is for agents, all the sites you look at only show you enough to get you to contact an agent. they have to make money to eat, too, so they can’t give their most valuable tool for free.

Work out a deal with an RE agent that states he/she will make your offers to buy and then resell if in return they give you comps and MLS listings. My agent emails me MLS listings everyday, but I would be violating etiquette if I didn’t use her to make my offers. That’s just my opinion.

I honestly look at it like this Why would you want to use the MLS Mr.Fancypants is 100% correct you can get it! question is why would you want it? Like the bottom of his Posts all say Work smarter, not harder!! I personaly do not have a realtor! I have 20 or so! Who ever finds the Deal is who I buy it from and re-sell it thru if and when I re-sell it! Let them do the comps! the searching! the contract that is what we are paying them for! Also keep in mind I get better comps from my appraiser and that is who matters the most! without him I am lost at sea! If he dose’nt see the value what difference does it really make! The bank won’t lend you the $!

True success is hiring people smarter then you!

“I’m not superman I can’t do it all, so I let them all do it all for me”

reoconsultant, I have sent you personal message, did you get it?

Thanks a lot to all of you for the answers.

reoconsultant, I have another question, how do you work with an appraiser? Does he check the house you want to buy before you close on the house or even before you write an offer?

What yelena said.

How do i find an appraiser who is “motivated” to give good favorable appraisals.

yes, that is what I ment too…
thank you :slight_smile:

I call my appriaiser on every deal I am looking at and ask him to run comps on the address before I send him out! If we are close on the numbers I send him out if we are not close I don’t do a contract!

thank you reoconsultant :slight_smile:
how did you find a good appraiser? I am interested in how to find an appraiser who will come up close to my price when I sell a house?
Do you guys tell to the appraiser something like: if you don’t come up close to this prise, don’t do the appresal, because I need to sell this house at my price? (souds silly probably)

That is a interesting question! even if the appraisal is high that dosen’t always mean you will get it! more important then the appraised value is do creative marketing! I am so creative on my ad’s that I generate 90 to 120 calls per day remember sales is just numbers the more people that you talk to the better the chances of selling your home!

So its better to get an appraiser to run comps instead of an agent?
Any particular reason for that? ???

Yup the spotlights on you now REO :stuck_out_tongue:

REOconsultant, what does it mean creative on your adds. Could you give us an example please?
thanks :slight_smile:

Could you post an example of creative ads you use to generate the phone calls! By the way, thanks for all your knowledge that you share on this site.

Prosperous investing,