mls access

Hi Everyone, I am wholesaler and I’m having a hard time locating an investor friendly real estate agent / realtor in my area of Houston Texas. So i was thinking about getting my own real estate salesperson license in order to access the mls. My question is: Do you have to have an active real estate salesperson license to get access to the mls (or could an inactive one work). Also if anyone reading this is able to advise me on how i can get mls access without going through an agent or getting a license I’ll be very grateful for your help. Or even a recommendation of an investor friendly agent if all else fails. Thanks in advance guys :biggrin

J, is the web portal for MLS in the Houston Area.

For comps, Lifestyles Unlimited has a software package/website that allows you to run comps using the MLS engine. I believe it runs about $100/month.

What would you have to offer a Real estate agent? I presume you’re wholesaling direct to investors. Are you going to pay the agent commission if she brings you buyers?


I use it. It is $85 for a month.

Every investor should either be on the MLS or work with a Realtor on the MLS. Partnering with a Realtor is probably a good idea for you.

There are plenty of guys that would give you access to the mls and let you sit down in their office chair and look at the homes print out etc…

You have to show them that you are in it for the both you and them. Make sure they see that you are interested in them winning just as well as your pockets. :beer

I got my own RE license precisely for this reason - to get MLS access. :beer is a portal that is a direct link to the MLS for free. It may not offer all of the details that an agent see’s on the various data bases that many MLS systems offer but it does list every property in every MLS throughout the nation. There is also a free MLS access through which is sponsored by many MLS boards around the nation. Listingbook will ask you to choose a Realtor in your desired marketplace.

To go get a Real Estate license for the sole purpose of accessing the MLS can be costly to obtain the a real estate license and then pay annual dues for access.

One other note is that no Realtor anywhere is allowed to let you have access with their log in credentials and if they do they may be subject to license revocation.

I’m a Realtor and an Investor so I have access to Florida MLS as well as I have database access to any property in the USA through other portals as a benefit of being a Realtor.


I’m seriously considering getting my license just for this reason. This year will be doing dozens of houses instead of just a few. Be aware the rules change when your wholesaling or flipping as you have to disclose to sellers and buyers you’re an agent even if you’re not acting as an agent. Also, you will still have to work under a Broker who then gets a small percentage of your listings. I’m looking for a Broker who is investor-friendly so I’m not their sales agent but an independent investor who will be doing ‘creative’ things. I can’t tell you how many potential sellers have asked me, “are you an Agent?” b/c they absolutely do not want to work with an real estate agent; so there is that potential downside as well.

Thanks so much everyone for all the helpful information. I will definitely check out lifestyles unlimited and all other resources listed.