Mites and Mice

Tennant called today stating they have mites and mice.
The noticed the mites back in Dec when ADP came out to install an alarm system. The mites are around the keypad and other components they installed.

They have also said they have heard mice in the walls. Not sure if there are confirmed mice yet.
They have a pest guy coming out tommorrow to take a look.

Am I responsible for any of this cost?

You have vermin and it is close to making the house unsafe and uninhabitable.

I would work WITH the tenants to make it right:
Pull out all the drawers, seal up all holes with steel wool. Look for mice droppings. They will be there. Put metal mesh on crawl space openings.

Be there for the Pest Control visit. Get a definite ID on what kind of mites. What critters are harboring the mites?

Mice in our area can carry Hanta Virus. You can DIE from inhaling Hanta Virus. It is a very big deal. You need to wear a mask, and not raise any dust if cleaning up after mice in Hanta Virus country. There are deaths every year in our state from Hanta Virus.

Don’t ignore the problem. Face it head-on and with the help of the tenants and Pest Control Company.


Thank you for your advice. I will do what you suggest and work with them. In fact, I will call them now.
Thank you