I apologize if I offended anyone about advertising the note business.
I do appreciate the feedback that I got from some of you and I will not make this mistake again.

Thank You!

I’m curious what kind of notes you’d accept. Would you accept a $7,876.05 5-year note at $200/mth at a discount to yield of 18% on a mobile home on rented land?


This is out of integrity! We discussed this in a private email environment. You will never (without a fluke) sell notes this way. This is a relationship building business and the investors who buy will only do so with their confidence in you and your ability to put together a solid deal. Please use your own examples to sell in this public forum.

Thank you.


This is out of whaaaat? This is that exact example you’ve been using openly all over the forums. Once you post it on the forums, it’s public domain. What are you all upset up anyway? That this is gonna prove you’re wrong? That you can’t borrow more than the purchase price like you claim? It doesn’t matter if it’s a note or a mortgage. No one is gonna lend you over twice the purchase price. And I tell you this out of “integrity”, son.

You are terribly misguided and uninformed! Attempting to prove a certain type of transaction does not work when I’ve already completed hundreds of them and the money was deposited in the bank added to the same transactions being completed and scripted in books by authors, the likes of Scruggs and Napier, shows that you are, in fact, misguided and uninformed.

Continue to focus on how something can’t be done that has already been done successfully is a losing strategy. Perhaps if you would like to reconsider your uninformed position and set aside your sarcasm (son), I would be glad to treat you to a book by Napier or Scruggs and you can start a library at your office. Just promise to read it! Let me know and I’ll send you one.

Blessings to you.


Would you send me a book? I would really be interested in learning


Buy the book for $20 on this website!