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My name is LaQuisha Cain. I am a real estate investor looking for active cash buyers. I am looking for make $20,000 to $25,000 a month or more buying, selling, and holding. Please contact me if you are an active cash buyer.



Have completed hundreds of transactions as an investor since 1991. Although I live in Georgia, I currently have a small mobile home park in No. Missouri with a few vacant lots.

For the right investor, I would consider a few ‘Lonnie’ deals for investors to raise some lot rent income. If you do not understand, you can buy an inexpensive mobile home and move to one of my lots. Sell the home owner financing (you are the bank, no toilets to fix as the occupant is now owner) and your customer would pay me lot rent (mobile home owner would be tenant for lot only).

If you pay $4k for a home, delivery, and set up and sell for $500 down and $200/month for 5 years, your yield would be 65.78% on your net $3,500 left in the deal. This can be done inside your IRA. Note that if your IRA Trust Document does not provide for such an investment, you can easily do an IRA Rollover into another institution where their Trust Document provides for such an investment.

Currently, there are no restrictions on vintage or size of home. Also, for the right investor, I would consider owner financing the entire park. It has 9 lots developed on one acre and 2 undeleloped acres which could accommodate another 18 lots. Also would consider partnering with the right investor with verifiable resources.

I can be reached through this website and will respond within 1 day of being contacted.

Thank you for your considerations.

LaQuisha you did not say what part of Missouri. Tell everyone what you have for sell so we can run the numbers to see if we or our buyers are interested. Our buyers are not interested in subject2, contract for deed, or assignments.

Hello all,

My name is Jim Harris. I’m about 60, miles east of Kansas City, Mo. I would like to find either cash buyers of properties or notes.

Hello, looking for cash flow properties in Kansas City MO. We usually buy Seciton 8 homes. please contactt me if you have any

Hi everyone, name is Dan and I am located in central Missouri right outside Fort Leonard Wood, midway between Rolla and Lebanon on I-44.

Here is the deal:

A Real Estate Challenge…

I am offering a challange to any seasoned investor, rehaber, house flipper, apartment owner, etc, etc.

-Challenge is: I have about 14 months from retiring out of the military after 24 yrs and have a passion and desire to get involved in “Real Estate”.

I would like to learn from the best and here is what I would could offer:

  1. I would do all the research and running around in my area, of course under the supervision of a mentor (either by phone, email or in person).
  2. Have a mentor to help find finacing and help with sale or stucture deal.
  3. Once real estate is sold, flipped, etc; provide and excellent rate of profit/percentage to mentor.

My goals:

  1. Learn the right way from professionals, start small and work big
  2. Apply technique and earn money, both normal and residual income
  3. Pay off debt to secure future and income for family (2K per month) through homes or apartments complexes
  4. The most important is pay forward and help other investors get started

I am serious, very serious, I’m not a hungry investor I am a starving investor seriously looking to get hungry. I’ll do what it takes to produce

If you are as serious as I am please send me a message. I can explain more over the phone or through email.

Just so you know in advance I am not looking for a late night informercial, outdated info, or more money than its worth type of thing.

Your money will come when the real estate flips or sells at a very hefty profit/percentage for you. That’s not bad for sitting at the other end of a phone call or email guiding us in the right direction for profit.

Hello Fellow Missouri Real Estate Pro’s!

My name is Brandon Wright and I live/work in SW Missouri (Springfield Metro Area). I am a professional property manager, investment real estate management consultant, and real estate investor. I am ecstatic to finally be a part of reiclub.com. I have heard many, many great things about it. I sincerely look forward to networking, and forum discussion.

Presently I am seeking a mutually beneficial, non-capital based, partnership, whereas I find a tenured/seasoned real estate investor to mentor me in creative/non-traditional purchases, in exchange for my vast knowledge in real estate management (rental properties, leasing, marketing strategies, market trends, landlord-tenant law, multi-family management, true to form commercial, etc.) Basically formulating a mini-mastermind group, to volley questions back and forth.

Also, I welcome any Missouri members questions as they relate to my sector of the industry. I tend to be quite helpful in regards to property management and landlording. Feel free to pick my brain! Private message me if you have questions or anything you would like to know from me.

I look forward to working with all of you!!!


My name is Eugene. I’m an investor in St. Louis MO. I’m a cash buyer interested in 3bedroom 2 bath homes in the St. Louis & St. Charles County area. No slabs. We purchase properties to rehab and sell.

Hi I bought a house in sedalia mo almost ready to put on the market. what i am looking for is a parter/invester split the profits

Where in Missouri?

Brookfield Missouri

Please contact me if you are a rehabber or wholesaler
& you are buying property in downtown St. Louis (113 zip code)

I have a motivated seller with a fire-damaged brick 2 unit for $6K


I am wholesaling homes in st Louis mo. contact me for my deals

I have cash flow houses for sale in Kansas city.

Hello, my name is Megan and I own Kings Oak Investments LLC. We invest in non-performing notes. We are seeking joint venture partners to help us fund our deals. We focus most of our deals in the Midwest. Please reply if you are interested in the seeing the deals we are currently working on.

Hello I am a newbie in the real estate investing forum. I’m from Platte City, MO looking
for “cash” buyers" who want to invest in the Kansas, City metro area.

Hello Everyone!

I am new to investing or at least trying to get my feet wet. I have studied several programs but have had trouble getting into the swing. I am looking for a mentor in the St Louis area. I am interested in wholesaling and possibly flipping. I just learn better when in action. I would like to shadow or work with someone from start to finish on a deal. Here is what I would like to do…Come along side and walk through a deal with you from start to finish. There is no payment needed or fee to split. Then on the next deal I would like to have someone mentor me through the steps and offer at least 40% of the profit for assisting me.

I’m not looking to follow another newbie like myself, I am interested in a seasoned investor with a impressive portfolio. I am not looking to invest in anymore systems online, books, e-books or mentoring programs as I have spent a great deal on similar items over the last few years.

Any serious takers please contact me!

Hi I have 2.5 acres 5 bed 2 bath Modular home under contract in Williamsburg Mo. they are building 450k Homes down the road. Selling it for 75k or sub2 6500 down 800.00 a month Rent to own no credit ok !


I’m a local real estate investor I find properties that are below market and I wholesale them out to cash buyers that are looking for fix and flip or looking for rental properties. Is that something you would be interested in ? Yes? PM me.

Thank you.

I Find, You Fund, We Split BIG Profits!