Missouri-Proposed Contract for Deed Act-House Bill 296

Has anyone read/heard/discussed the proposed legislation in Missouri known as The “Contract For Deed Act?” House Bill 296.
Love some feedback.


It reads like the Missouri legislation intends to enforce accountability on a seller under a Contract for Deed! It basically takes the transaction out of the dark ages, prohibits a seller from selling and then not making payments on underlying debt which could cause the buyer to lose money!

The state of Missouri is in effect standing up for the little guy!


Members of the local REIA group in KC have been invited to give input on this bill - Kim Tucker (that’s me) has been invited to a fact gathering meeting with Ms Curls on the 15th of November. If you have any input, good or bad, please post here so I can share it with her.

We have also posted information on our site - you would have to go to the MAREI website and look in the government section under resources for a bunch of links and contact information.

Kim Tucker
Director of MAREI