Mission Statement


In the context of Subject To, Lease options and similar strategies: My plan is to put together a credibility kit to show prospective buyers.

Currently I am working on the Mission Statement. Please share what has worked for you. Any advice is appreciated.

Back in the late 80s, early 90s, Honda Corp came up with a simple strategic mission statement: “Six Hondas in every garage” All of Honda’s R&D, manufacturing, marketing, and sales plans supported this mission.

I am not quite sure how a mission statement gives you credibility.

Do you read a contractor’s mission statement before you give him your rehab project or do you rely on references from his prior customers ?

A track record gives you credibility. After each deal you close, ask the seller to give you a testimonial letter. A few of these letters will give you all the credibility you need.

Hi Dave,

References are definitely important. I believe that Mission Statement presents the values the individual or company go by or rather live by. So I do believe that while its not the main stake in establishing credibility its a important piece in the Reference book.