missing out on a deal ... what do you do ?

I went to see this house last weekend. the price was very low and i said im going to make an offer monday. well i didnt go monday. its about a 30-40 minute drive to the listing agents office. well tuesday I tlaked with my in-town buyer agent and decided to have her write it up wednesday afternoon. well wednesday afternoon rolled up and I was doing tile and she was gonna be late back to her office so i said we’ll do it thursday. well As i pull up to her office she called my telling me she spoke with the listing agent and their might be an accepted offer. last night i noticed the price dropped to exactly what i was gonna offer so i was like well i guess it was a good thing i didnt make that offer yet i can save $2000 and still get it.

well their offer was accepted. i still filled out the offer though hoping and praying that the other buyer backs out or it falls through.

I’m so angry all day i cant stop thinking about this. this is the 3rd time already this happened i walk in to make an offer and that day they get an accepted offer. My RE agent was like well your doing a great job of finding really good deals.

this woulda been my 1st property and it was a perfect start in my mind. heres some details 2 bed / 1bth ranch style with detached 1 car garage and a swimming pool . price dropped to 14,900 . the kitchen had brand new kitchen cabinets. all it needed was need carpet in LR (i was gonna put in hardwood if i flipped the house) and some new windows. RE agent had a few comps around 50-70k none with a pool though.

i was gonna either fix any problem with pool and rehab it to flip or if the pool wasnt worth the cost to fix then i would fill it in and rent it out.

what do you guys do in this situation to relieve the stress ?? I’ve even been thinking of leaving a note on the door offering the new owner 17k for it. i know this is not good for me to be beating myself up about. the price being soo low had me thinking whats the catch ?? i even drove 30 minutes twice over the weekend to look it again see if i had missed something.

That is a bummer.

There is really only one answer…when you see a property you like, don’t delay. Write the offer with your contingencies…but get the offer in.

When you’re new and you want to analyze a lot, someone more experience is already writing the offer because they had the same experience you just had in the beginning.

Just part of the learning curve. Next time, write the offer the same weekend you looked at the house…subject to inspection, etc.

Keep going. It will happen!

This is a joke post, right? You can’t be bothered to write an offer and you think there is a conspiracy against you because someone else took the time to write an offer when you wouldn’t?

There are a lot of people out there buying and selling real estate and they are looking for bargains full time. The really good deals don’t last, especially if they are listed for the world to see.

If you want the really good deals, you need to train yourself to recognize them, and when you find one, you need to get it under contract fast, before another investor discovers it.

where did i say there’s a conspiracy ???

I was upset that i dragged my feet for 3 days and it got sold the very same day i made my offer.

thanks Nolights-Nocameras :beer

No worries…the only way we learn the lessons is to have the experience.

Now you’ve gotten that out of the way and know what to do differently.

Every new investor goes through it…just like every new business owner goes through learning curves as they’re getting going.

The beauty of it is, as you move forward and are able to help others, you can share your experience with them and possibly save them a little frustration.

Have a great day!


Mabye you did not notice that prices where going down.

The deals will be even better the next time.

The best deal in the world comes along every other week.

I live in America , after that everything is iceing on the cake.

Poeple die in the 120 degree desert just to get to America to work a lousy job no one else wants.  

You have a dream and you have the oppurtunity to make it come true and you are makeing it come true.

Allways forward never backwards. Keep your eye on the prize

i feel your pain the same thing happened to me. however word on the street is that there is a company that is reciving a bulk number of the REO’s on the market. They are an online company i cant remember the name of it i think it is called bideup