Missing one form

So Im putting together my folder with all the forms I should have in there incase I come across a deal. The one I was missing is a property acquisition form and not sure where i go about finding one. Anyone have a good one they could lend a newbie investor? Possibly a link or site. Anything would be a huge help. Thanks.

-Felix Wisniewski

What is that?

Basically just a form to fill out blanks of all the information about one house on a single piece of paper.

You wanna’ sell…

I wanna; buy …

You Sign I sign

haha, I was also wondering wat the heck was an acquisition form. I call mine a seller questionair.
I use one on each lead. I have a stack 3 inches thick, I shud start saving them to my PC by date or name.
If I get a call on one of my old leads it can take 20 minutes to find my info sheet.