Minor(?) mold

Well, I hope it’s minor…

I had the home inspection and the inspector found mold around the insides of the baseboards and recommended removing all the baseboards and replacing them. He said to spray a biocide on the inside of the boards, on the moldy area, while prying them off so that the spores don’t become airborne. He also recommended removing the kitchen cabinets because the base was water damaged.

Does this procedure sound right? Do I need to rent and run an air scrubber also while I do this?

He seemed to think I could do this myself. Frankly I do not trust a lot of these mold remedition companies, they seem to charge enormous amounts of money.

On the cabinets, water damage isn’t a big deal as long as it’s dry from now on and not cosmetically bad.
On the baseboards, that’s similar to what I did, I got a special respirator from a safetey store and set up a high powered fan in a nearby window to try to get some negative pressure.
I also scrubbed the mold on nearby areas.

Out of curiousity what state do you live in? In Illinois a home inspector can’t declare it’s mold unless the contract says you are paying him as a mold inspector.
They use the phrase “possible mold” or “mold like substance”.

Thanks HPM, I’m in Florida.

What did you use to scrub, detergent? I’ve been told different things. I’ve been told told not to use bleach. And were you successful or did the mold end up sporing and reappearing in other parts of the house? thanks.

I actually did use bleach, I fI were to do it again I’d try a product made for mold, because I’ve heard bleach isn’t the best. Two reasons I’ve heard were health concerns of bleach vapors and bleach has water in it: water can cause mold.
To get around those concerns I used PPE and good ventalation, and I feel that water doesn’t cause mold, constant dampness causes mold. As long as it thoroughly dries: No mold.
In my case mold didn’t come back, but I also started using a dehumidifier and improved air circulation to the ares.