I am happy and proud that this is my 400th post. I hope I have been helpful to many of the members here. When I first started with Tim I got flustrated that there were only a few members and not much posting at the old Austin site. Things have really changed sense then with many new members. I have been worried about posting and being labeled as a know it all etc and asked Tim and Stacy if i was being too involved. They both gave me a pat on the back and thanked me for my posts and both said they enjoyed my posts and experiences. I hope all members share their views. I remember one post where I said was rambling at an early hour and a member added that do not worry that it is all good. I hope they are right and that I have added knowledge and experience to your REInvestments. I am not trying to win a prize or be top poster or anything like that. It makes me feel wonderful when I can help other new and old investors find answers to their questions and what i really like to do is to show folks that they can do it if I can with bad credit and no money. I have had a million in equity twice before and have lost it all to bad partners or bad economy and being too greedy and bad timing by not selling property that I was holding for a small cash flow. There are a number of ways to make it in this business and I am starting over once again and will make it big time this time.
I especially enjoy hearing from investors who have given up and I encourage them to keep looking and a good deal will come along with just a little more work. Several have called and thanked me for the encouragement and that gives me the biggest grin.
I love this business and hope my passion and desire to help others will rub off on others and get or keep you motivated to find good deals. Please post more, ask more questions, get involved more, write more success stories and become a winner like me

Thanks for reading this. It really makes me feel great to be a part of this forum.


"and have lost it all to bad partners or bad economy and being too greedy and bad timing by not selling property that I was holding for a small cash flow. "


You will never move forward until you take ownership of your shortcomings and realize that YOU are the ONLY REASON that YOU are where you are, today.

Others have suffered through bad partners, a bad economy, bad timing, and the seven deadly sins… yet they have prospered while you have failed.

There’s nothing wrong with failure. If used properly, failure is nothing more than a feedback mechanism. But there is an “I” in faIlure. And it’s my belief that one can’t move ahead until they take ownership of both their successes and their failures.

  • Adam.

Damn, Well said…


The greatest realization is realizing we are each and everyone in complete control…

The flip side being… even when we own businesses… and employees don’t do right… have partners… they don’t do right… all of it… It is up to your own responsibility…

And failing only happens if you quit… The real deal… How fast you learn to get back up…

David Alexander

Congrats Ted.

Hope to keep seeing your posts here.

David Garcia