Midget real estate gurus on TV?

Do you guys recall seeing some midget real estate gurus on TV a few years back?

Did anyone ever buy any of their merchandise, or go to one of their seminars?

I’m not interested in buying their merchandise or going to their seminars, but I am curious to what kind of stuff they were selling…was it junk? Was it any good? Opinions?

Here are some links re: them


Was it a course on short sales?

Here’s the pitch… SMACK… this one’s got a chance… it might be, it could be… IT IS HOME RUN PaulBroni knocks it out of the park!!!



Yeah…used to be pitch men for Ron LeGrand, before striking
out on their own.
One of the twins passed away not too long ago (maybe a couple
of years).

They also hold/held the world record for the shortest living

Where is old Ron Legrand anyway?

LOL! :biggrin

Where is old Ron Legrand anyway?

I think he’s testing his own theory “the less I work…” Good luck with that!


Did anyone ever figure out which one of those twins was Carlton Sheets?

John $Cash$ Locke

Why would you think that? I didn’t see them once try to explain assumable loans…

You’re not allowed to call them “midgets” anymore, less the ‘politically correct’ police get you! They are “little people”!



They kinda look like midgets… :smile

That’s because they are…we just can’t state the obvious anymore…about anything…ever.



Your are correct in your assessment, pretty much the long and short of it.

John $Cash$ Locke