Michigan Bird Dogs

Hey guys,

Whats a good way to find good bird dogs in Michigan. Any specific marketing and/or advertising techniques??


I am in michigan what are you looking for?

The local REI club is a good start to finding people who hunt down good deals. Just be sure
to let any potential BD know exactly what you looking for. Dont be cloudy on what you want.
Let them know:

  1. How much spread you expect a property to have(say .70 or less on the dollar)

  2. What area’s you are most interested in.

  3. How much rehab your willing to do.

  4. How fast can you move if a home is found.(You a cash or hard money guy)

  5. The most important item, how are you going to pay him or her.

With those guide lines, you should have no problem finding qualified homes for sale. Good luck

I agree with beginning with your Local REI Club.

There is a list on this site available on the left column.

I have heard nothing but positive feedback on WCRT - Detroit - http://www.wcrtdetroit.com

Hope that helps.