Michael Moore, capitalism movie.

I unfortunetly had to watch it (a friend decided to do a speech over it for school, and I was hanging out with him) and OMG. Does anybody actually take this moron seriously? Furnishedowner, have you checked him out? Do you believe what he says?

He makes people who “steal houses away from average people” AKA flippers sound like the most evil people in the world. He calls them vultures.

He wants to completly take away the right to OWN PROPERTY, if you watch his movie, he ACTUALLY BELIEVES, that somebody can buy a house, NOT PAY RENT/MORTGAGE payment, and should HAVE THE RIGHT to stay in that house. If you want to take it (somebody else who can actually pay for it, and decides to buy it)? Thats evil capitalism, and they are a evil bloodsucking bottomfeeder vulture.

Does anybody actually believe this anti-right-to-own property mindset will ever be?

Well both the liberals and the conservatives have a distorted view of free market capitalism. Some people (I am one too) will say we haven’t had free market capitalism since the 20s. The government has manipulated our currency since 1913. It’s a fundamental flaw to have a government manipulated currency in a free market.

Study Austrian Economics and ayn rand novels if you want the REAL truth about free market capitalism. And disregard anything you learn from Fox news or the AM radio. it’s just more propaganda.

Moore is a capitalist. He manufactures and sells movies.

I don’t like to encourage him, so I don’t purchase or view his movies.

All he’s doing is identifying a market that will pay him money for producing what they want to see, the same as any other movie maker. I can only assume that his audience consists of people who think the world owes them a living and enjoy having their view reinforced.

I did watch an interview with Michael Moore. He has never taken any classes in economics, so he is hardly any sort of expert. Basically, he is just making things up. Fiction, like any other movie is fiction.

Sort of like our National-Scientist-in-Chief, Al Gore, who has zero scientific training (in spite of inventing the internet) and simply makes things up which serrve him well as fund raisers.


Great response and soooo right.It’s like capitalists like these (and most in hollywood) say “hey we made it,and there’s no more room up here for you peasants.I feel so good about preaching social justice(jus don’t take any of my personal money)but I’ll tell you peasants how to live and who to support.” :rolleyes

An uprising is coming,and these morons don’t even have a clue.

Here are three very interesting videos about what’s happening in this country. Marc Faber says it’s too late to avoid catastrophe in this country (and all the other western nations). I agree! Mish says that we’re already at the breaking point, it’s just a matter of when it will play out.



Even as the economy shows MORE and MORE signs of recovery you keep selling the same old line…


You’re a FOOL if you think for one second this economy is about to go 1930…It ain’t happening…COMPLETELY DIFFERENT times…Completely different response to 2008’s financial meltdown, completely different AMERICANS.

I know you deal with SCUM BAGS every single day of your life (so much so that you need to carry a hand gun 24/7) But the REALITY is… MANY Americans are hard working people that STILL have GOOD jobs and are now SPENDING after riding out a tough recession…For cripes sake…HALF Let me REPEAT THIS…

.H A L F the homes in this country have NO MORTGAGES ON THEM!!!

You’ve sat on the sidelines during the GREATEST SALE in real estate HISTORY…YOU BLEW IT PAL…BIG TIME…and NOW…you’re PRAYING the BUST occurs so it doesn’t look like you BLEW IT. You say you’re not on the sidelines…YOU ARE…If you’re not BUYING PROPERTY during the biggest sale in HISTORY and CLAIM to be a REAL ESTATE INVESTOR???

YOU’RE ON THE SIDELINES PAL…And everyone here knows it!!

I’ve bought and sold more REAL ESTATE in the last 2 years than I have in the last 10!!! No PROBLEM finding QUALIFIED buyers with JOBS!! No problem securing FINANCING for those buyers.

Ford stock has gone from $1.20/share in 2008 to $14/share in 2010.

Last month was the first month the economy ADDED JOBS!!!

Job losses have STEADILY FALLEN since January 2009…Now jobs are being CREATED…Slowly…but it’s has started.

Car sales are ROARING right now with NO GOVERMENT INCENTIVES.

I spoke with the owner of a HUGE furniture retailer here yesterday…
He HIRED sales people to keep up with demand and see’s all the signs of a classic recovery after a steep recession. One BIG Difference…People are PAYING CASH!!! They GET IT…It’s called a TURNING POINT…They got bit by the CREDIT DOG…Now after that PAIN…They’re getting their houses in order.


I’ll make more money this year than your entire NET WORTH!!!

And just for the RECORD…


I am ENCOURAGING PEOPLE to INVEST in Real Estate at the exact time NO ONE wants it!!! That is CLASSIC contrarian investing and HUGELY PROFITABLE!!!..I’m not here selling my version of the coming APOCOLYPSE or telling readers the entire economy is about to COLLAPSE and to hurry out and buy CANNED FOOD. Or the President is the ANTI-CHRIST! (my personal “I’ve lost my mind” favorite)

I’m going to CONTINUE to rebut your statements and theories because they are 100% WRONG and ANYONE doing what YOU’RE DOING…Is gonna kick themselves in the @ss in a few years for missing the Real Estate SALE OF THE CENTURY!!!


I’m not jumping on the bash Mike bandwagon but I too find his posts repetitive and annoying…Not to say that Mike isnt a good guy who I respect and like but I feel that he uses his power as a moderator to post anything,anywhere he wants on this site…For the most part this site is filled with beginner investors who come here to gain insight into making money through RE investing and what do they come across when they arrive?..A moderator who keeps spewing the end to the USA is coming…Its counterproductive to what this site represents imho…Had I listened to Mike when the stock market tanked I wouldve missed out on a %65 + return I made from trough to peak (cause Mike predicted the stock market was going to 1000,thats not a typo…One THOUSAND…Some 10k points below where it is now)…In the last 2 years I have come close to doubling my net worth through a wide range of investments and businesses…Yes I am a very sophisticated investor and many of the moves I make are NOT for the beginning investor but all the same the average new investor couldve made massive returns buying into the doom and gloom…Mike I ask you this does it ever occur to you how much influence you have over non-informed newbie investors with these doom and gloom postings…

I’ve read post after post from Rookie about ALTERNATIVE methods of INVESTING in Real Estate he uses now.

Even his thoughts and experiences on residential rentals are valuable to readers. He’s OUT THERE…

I N V E S T I N G!

His posts are about MAKING MONEY and the methods he is currently using.

What have we got from MIKE in the last year???

Obama is the ANTI CHRIST

Our country is DOOMED

Buy canned food

.40 cal’s are the weapon of choice for scum bag land lording

The wonders of RE-LOADING

It’s 1930 all over again!!! :banana :bouncemulti :elephant :dance


I’m not buying REAL ESTATE

and on and on and on and on…


You're a FOOL if you think for one second this economy is about to go 1930...It ain't happening...COMPLETELY DIFFERENT times....Completely different response to 2008's financial meltdown, completely different AMERICANS.

I agree that times are different, but the Depression is similar. The depression started in 1929 with a big stock market drop. Then, the stock market made a significant recovery, FOLLOWED BY A LONG SUSTAINED GRIND TO THE BOTTOM. The idiot “progressive” president at that time pushed a bunch of stimulus in the form of the “new deal” which worsened and lengthened the depression. Sound familiar?

The same thing is happenening this time with a couple of exceptions. This time, the country has been on a socialist/progressive spending spree FOR DECADES - promising entitlements that can’t be paid for. This time the country has HUGE debt and is accumulating new debt at an unprecedented rate. This time, we have shipped much of our industrial capacity overseas due to the over-taxation and over-regulation in the US. This time, we have a large and ever-increasing portion of the population that is too lazy to work. You’re right - things are different this time - MUCH WORSE!

You've sat on the sidelines during the GREATEST SALE in real estate HISTORY......YOU BLEW IT PAL.....BIG TIME....and NOW...you're PRAYING the BUST occurs so it doesn't look like you BLEW IT. You say you're not on the sidelines.....YOU ARE....If you're not BUYING PROPERTY during the biggest sale in HISTORY and CLAIM to be a REAL ESTATE INVESTOR?????

Ridiculous! I have a rental property business and don’t need to flip properties or go to a day job to pay the bills. If you want or need to keep flipping properties, that’s fine - but it isn’t for me. I greatly enjoy the free time I have and that’s the very reason that I worked to build my rental property business. I have no desire to run around chasing deals every day. As I’ve asked before - don’t you have a goal you’re working toward or are you going to have to work your whole life?

Ford stock has gone from $1.20/share in 2008 to $14/share in 2010.

Did you buy all your Ford stock at $1.20? It seems to me that I remember you buying some at $6 or $7. Have you sold it all at $14? I didn’t think so. The truth is that you haven’t made a penny on Ford stock yet because you haven’t sold. Are we going to watch you ride it all the way back down? Furthermore, your memory seems to be a little selective. If any of the newbies here had followed your advice and bought the QQQ puts, they would have lost their butts. Maybe you can tell us in the future which of your predictions are correct and which are busts.

One more thing, Ford isn’t anything special. If anyone bought any of a hundred stocks at the bottom, they would have equaled or even bettered the Ford play. BAC is just one of the hundred(s) of stocks that have outperformed Ford. The market went up so Ford went up. When the market goes back down, Ford will go back down.

I spoke with the owner of a HUGE furniture retailer here yesterday... He HIRED sales people to keep up with demand and see's all the signs of a classic recovery after a steep recession. One BIG Difference......People are PAYING CASH!!!!!! They GET IT.....It's called a TURNING POINT...They got bit by the CREDIT DOG....Now after that PAIN.....They're getting their houses in order.

I spoke with the owner of a crane company a week ago. The company had been in business for decades. They shut down more than a year ago and the owner went to work as manager of crane operations for another large construction company. I needed to schedule a crane for the 7th. He said that he would get back to me that afternoon to confirm it. Two days later he called to say that he couldn’t do the lift because this company was shutting down their crane operation and laying him off. The pain is just beginning.

I'm not jumping on the bash Mike bandwagon but I too find his posts repetitive and annoying..Not to say that Mike isnt a good guy who I respect and like but I feel that he uses his power as a moderator to post anything,anywhere he wants on this site..

Rookie - if you don’t like my posts - DON’T READ THEM! Very simple! Furthermore, a moderator’s job is to delete spam and ensure the forum rules are followed. I don’t have any “power” as a moderator. FYI, anyone is free to post non-real estate related articles in the Random Ramblings.

For the most part this site is filled with beginner investors who come here to gain insight into making money through RE investing and what do they come across when they arrive?..A *moderator* who keeps spewing the end to the USA is coming...Its counterproductive to what this site represents imho...

If the newbies want to talk about real estate investing, that’s what the rest of the forum is for. As for my posts being counterproductive - hogwash! Since I am right about the coming collapse - I don’t think anything could be more important. Believe it or not, forums are about discussing issues - all sides of the issues. I can post what I believe and you can post what you believe. If you want to give newbies only one side of an issue - you are free to start a blog or a website and only allow rosey predictions of explosive growth.

but all the same the average new investor couldve made massive returns buying into the doom and gloom...Mike I ask you this does it ever occur to you how much influence you have over *non-informed newbie investors* with these doom and gloom postings..

Massive returns? Making “massive” returns has nothing to do with the doom and gloom of the recession. A newbie can make “massive” returns in every market just by buying low and selling high, or by buying low and renting at a profit. All businesses need to be able to make money in all market conditions. In the boom (in the bubble areas), you could make “massive” profits by buying at retail and selling a month later at a huge profit. Big deal. Now, you can buy low and sell for a profit. Big deal. Or you can sell properties with owner financing (as you always could). It’s all the same. Real estate investing hasn’t changed - it’s always the same.

I'll make more money this year than your entire NET WORTH!!!!

Isn’t that interesting that you can make a wild statement like that when you haven’t said how much you’ve made and you have no idea how much money I make. One thing’s for sure - YOU’RE THE KING OF BRAGGING! :bobble

I am ENCOURAGING PEOPLE to INVEST in Real Estate at the exact time NO ONE wants it!!

Another ridiculous statement. Of course people want real estate. If they didn’t, who would you be flipping your property to? My rentals are almost full. The tenants must want to rent real estate. The investors at my local REIA who are still trying to build their rental businesses are still buying real estate. The investors at my local REIA who are flippers, are still flipping houses. I operate a rental business EVERY DAY and I still want my real estate. Where did you come up with the idea that “NO ONE” wants real estate?


You found 2 CRANE COMPANIES that went out of business after a real estate bust!!! S H O C K I N G

OH MY GOD…Isn’t that like the 7th sign of the APOCOLYPSE???

What you DON’T KNOW about real estate could FILL THIS FORUM!!

Commercial construction was the LAST HIT and it’ll be the LAST OUT of this recession…AS IT IS IN EVERY RECESSION…But you already know all about COMMERCIAL PROPERTY because you rented a PARKING LOT to a medical supply business ONCE.

Ford isn’t anything special???

Spoken like a guy who SOLD ALL HIS at $3.00!!! Nice move, sort of like that DOW 1000 call you made. :flush :flush :flush Hey, you were only off by TEN THOUSAND POINTS!!!


Like you were RIGHT about FORD going BANKRUPT???

Or RIGHT like the DOW hittting 1000??? Then WATCHING it go 10,000 points in the OPPOSITE DIRECTION!!!


AS far as your net worth goes Mike…Who do you think you’re kidding??? You own a few dozen sh*tbox residential rentals in OHIO…Where houses sell for DIRT…I stand by my statement…I’ll make MORE MONEY this YEAR than your entire NET WORTH!!!

I guess I came up with the IDEA that NO ONE wants real estate based on the DOZENS of CALLS I get a day from people who want to GIVE THEIRS AWAY for a FRACTION of it’s VALUE at the EXACT TIME they should be BUYING MORE!!!

Keep your head in the sand Mike…and KEEP BUYING CANNED FOOD and RELOADING SUPPLIES.


You’ll be SELLING your bullets and guns, 2 years from now at a FRACTION of what you WAITED IN LINE TO BUY THEM FOR!!!

Follow that HERD Mike…Follow that HERD to the GUN STORES!!!

And what ever you do…Don’t buy REAL ESTATE…BUY MORE GUNS!! :guns :guns :guns

But I’m sure you’re right THIS TIME. :banghead :banghead :banghead

MOOOOOOOOOO…It’s milkin’ time!!!


I seriously wonder why you can’t discuss any topic without being mean and nasty? Why is that? Isn’t that the exact same reason that you were banned from this site once before? What exactly is your problem? Are you having personal problems? Money problems? What is it? You claim that you’re making a bunch of money and yet you seem to be perpetually miserable. I guess that’s reason enough that no-one would want to follow in your footsteps. Being so mean, rude, and nasty all the time isn’t my idea of a good life!

“Being so mean and nasty all the time. You seem to be perpetually miserable”

This coming from a guy who CONSTANTLY calls other people SCUM…LOSERS…DEAD BEATS…WORTHLESS…and Calls the PRESIDENT of the UNITED STATES of AMERICA…The ANTI CHRIST!!!

You are without DOUBT the most NEGATIVE person on this site…and PLEASE spare me the PATRIOT CR*P…This is an INVESTMENT SITE!! You aren’t saving this country on REICLUB buddy…WAKE UP…Your DREAMING!!

I honestly think your RENTALS are affecting you…You’re living and WORKING in a SEWER MIKE…Here’s what YOU say about the people you’re in BUSINESS WITH EVERYDAY…“My TENANTS are scum, deadbeats, losers, drug addicts”…Those are YOUR WORDS…You have to carry a GUN with you 24/7…But I’M the UNHAPPY ONE??? Even YOU can’t sell that line of BS here…Come on???

Rookie and I pointed out a way for you to IMPROVE YOUR POSTS here and bring something of VALUE instead of the CR*P you’ve been posting.

YOU…apparently didn’t like that…So now I’M the one with the problem.

As far as NO ONE wanting to follow in my footsteps???

Are these the same NO-ONES that suggest I write a NEWSPAPER COLUMN or A BOOK… or Do a seminar or bootcamp…Or just THANK ME again and again for some of the POSITIVE THINGS I bring to this site!!!

Are those the people you’re talking about???

Take a look at the rehab section of the site for the new guy that posted PICTURES of his kitchen rehab I helped him with…I even gave him the COLOR CODES I use for the cabinets he painted…in addition to the supplier for the doors, and STEP by STEP instructions.
I may have missed out on your DAILY…ANTI CHRIST post because I was actually HELPING someone here!!!


Even on EASTER SUNDAY. :shocked

You’ve brought a lot to this place in the past…GOOD THINGS!!


That Mike…Has been missing in action here for a LONG TIME!!!



If you don’t like my posts - DON’T READ THEM! It’s very simple! No-one is forcing you to read my posts or respond to them. You’ll be a lot happier if you don’t and maybe your blood pressure will go down a little. You might find that you can go a day without calling someone on the forum names (although I’m not betting on it).

Try to find a house to flip today - maybe that will make you happier. As for me, I’ve got to go work for an hour and then I’m going for my bike ride and starting to work on my garden.

I haven’t seen it. I live in a right-wing town where certain movies never get shown. Except once in a while at the Senior Center, of all places. I like Michael Moore because he pushes the envelope WAY out there, makes us think. I can’t speak to the 100% veracity of his work, just don’t know.

I would be WAY more impressed if you had ACTUALLY SEEN the movie before you critiqued it. Hoosier at least saw it.

I am with you on propertymanager. Mike is so far out there, and so repetitive that it is really annoying. Do any moderators moderate the other moderators? I am finding it less and less enjoyable to enter into a thread here. Talking to Mike is like trying to talk to a screaming toddler who won’t take a breath–“Obama is a Socialist! He is crazy! Load your guns!”.

Finally I gotta say, “TIME OUT!”. The guy is getting to sound more and more like he’s going to issue his own Unabomber Manifesto.


Wow, I leave for a couple of days and bam!

Mike…dude, you’re going all PositiveOutlook breaking down people’s post line by line, not very endearing. I do agree, you’re INCREDIBLY negative and I’m not just jumping on the bandwagon, I used to rag on fdjake when he went by that other name. It’s one thing to have a negative opinion, but it seems like every post you make is full of name calling, administration bashing, and the end of the economy as we know. WE GET IT, we know that’s what you believe, but saying it over and over and over comes off as VERY negative.

Put it this way, a forum discussion should be like a 4 way stop sign, one person goes coming at it from a different angle, then another, and so forth. Man, you are like a train that comes barrelling through for what seems to be hours on end with all the other disciples you have on here(you all know who you are), and pretty much no one else has a chance to chime in equally because the negativity is soooo overpowering and CONSTANT. Tone it down please, be a car, not a train.

FO and Vader - if you don’t like my posts - DON’T READ THEM!!! I know that you both love the Socialist in Chief and you’re both supporters of Big Government taking care of your every need. I get it. Many of us don’t want the government controlling our every move and many of us believe in capitalism instead of socialism. If you don’t want to hear me bash our big socialist government; our socialist President; or the socialist takeover of the country - THEN DON’T READ MY POSTS!

Tone it down please, be a car, not a train.

I will NOT tone it down - not even one bit. Our country is being DESTROYED by the socialists and I plan to speak out loudly against the Obamanation and all his socialist minions (while we still have free speech - The Chosen One is working on that)!

If you interested in producers who push the envelope, try watching an Alex Jones video!!! If you’re interested in rock solid, cited research, try a Thomas Sowell book.


Thomas Sowell is an idiot. I have talked to him before and he is a conservative hack. Like most people who have views that are colored by their experiences Sowell just looks at 2 views decides which one is the conservative one and he takes it. He does not bear in mind any reason just that it is conservative. I call that a hack.

Hey Mike

I appreciate what you’ve done for this forum, I’ve even made you 50 bucks richer by buying your book, which I don’t regret doing.

You have very solid property management knowledge. As well as solid real estate experience.

Maybe you’ll realize this one day, maybe you won’t. But you’re either contributing to this forum or you’re not.

I almost don’t want to visit this forum anymore because it hurts my eyes every time I see another “doom and gloom”, “end of the world” post.

Yes I agree socialism is being run rampant / unchecked.
Yes I agree Obama is not the best thing for America.
Yes it pisses me off to no end every time I turn my head and see another group of individuals yelling for their “entitlements”.
If you think America is becoming socialist, wait until you go to Quebec, Canada where I live. We’re centuries ahead of you Americans on the socialism advancement.

I pay 54% incomes taxes.
Goods and services taxes are close to 15%.
Property taxes here are outrageous.
This all goes to pay the socialist agenda here in Quebec.

But what good does it do to complain about it?

I know voicing these concerns isn’t going to change squat. And it sure as hell won’t contribute to these forums.

It’s okay to voice your concerns. Just don’t fill the entire screen with doom and gloom quotations.

And yes, you MUST tone down yourself. You as a moderator have a duty to represent these forums in the best way possible.

good post!

some nice canoeing there, (Quebec), not to mention some very nice restaurants in Montreal…a lovely city.

UPS earnings up 33%?

Definately looks like we’re climbing out of this one.

Structural problems? Yes!

They’re working on it.

My job to work on my own nut.