miami condo market

I see this market as headed for a serious turndown over the next 18 months. The new cunstruction is about to severely flood the market. What do you all think about this?

condo market in SFL has been over for about 2yrs now…Way to many being bought by investors and not enough for the end user…Never good for the market comparing not even half of the condo’s are done yet…

plus they are all overpriced by at least $100K.

At least here in Manila it’s been good and the prime locations have been flooded with good condo’s. Wait till you see the constri\uction of those in the suburbs. What location can you recommend in New York to invest in Condominium?

invest in Condominium

Is that an oxymoron like Jumbo Shrimp?

Personally Condos are the worst of investments, HOA fees, assessments and low disireability (when RE is not hot) makes them money pits

I don’t think I’d want to crank up a 300 unit right now in Miami, but I can buy one or two units right in any market.

It seems as thought the market here has frozen. Buyers wont buy at Sellers high prices and Sellers wont lower their prices. IT iwill be an interesting 6-12 months here.

Yummy, instead of a soft landing you are going to end up with a slaughter house and the Sellers are the pigs…