MI Investors? Help!

I’m currently living in Cleveland and will soon be faced with a relo opportunity to Grand Rapids, MI. Does anyone have a feel for the investment market in that area? I love the market in Cleveland from a rental view(foreclosure heaven). Does MI have any opportunity to have fun? Are there online resources available? You can analyze a Cleveland property down to the nails from your couch…I’m hoping MI offers the same info…anyone willing to share links? Any MI information would be greatly appreciated.

The job is a good move career wise but I have a feeling i’ll miss the property searching.



Here are a few websites you might find helpful.
The first is a tax sale auction site by the state of Mi. Auctions begin in July and props are not listed yet but keep watching.

Also the landbank holds prop for the state and you can offer way lss then asking price

Also check out http://www.Thedirectoriescompany.com/reos.htm

Just don’t outbid me at an auction LOL

I live in Grand Blanc ( 45 min. N. of Detroit and right next to Flint). We live in an upper mid class sub and there are 3 repos in our subdivision!! Medien income in this area is well abouve 100k.
So yep you can find deals. Peopl e are afraid to buy because a house can sit on the market for well past a year.
Our re investing at this time is predominately rentals for that reason.
Let me know if you have questions.

Wendy, thank you for your help! I’ve heard about the MI market being bountiful with property but thought it would be eaten up. It makes me feel better knowing I can still do the property stuff.

Thanks again,