MHP - What about subletting and past due lot rents?

Hello - Thank you for the opportunity to post these questions! I live in WA state and am relatively new to investing. I closed on a small Mobile Home Park (14 units where the tenants own the trailers) last month. Although I felt that I had done my due-dilegence I am learning alot this month! I have many questions, but a few are most pressing right now and are all about the same unit:

Can I block the sale of a trailer that has past due lot rent?
What would you advise on getting past due lot rent from a tenant that sold his trailer?
The “new owner” of this trailer wants to sublet - why do most MHPs not allow sub-letting?

In the interest of not taking too much of your time, I will leave it at that without all the details. Any advice is definatly appreciated! Sincerely,


I’m not a ‘mobile home guy’ but I would threaten to put a lien against the property for unpaid lot rent. If the current owner doesn’t settle the matter, then put the lien up. That way it would need to be settled before their deal can close.

As for the subletting, it is because you will have tenants on your property that you have no contract with and, therefore little control over.