MHP -- Help


Seems California, Texas, and Florida are the big M-home states.

Talked briefly with Charles out of Texas, who contributes here. In his area of 14,000 population he said there are probably 14 parks. In my city [in Wisconsin] population of 200,000 there are only five.

South of me in Illinois there are a more MHP’s. I have enough cash to handle 20% against a park up to about 350K.

Sorry this meandered, what I’m trying to determine is location. Is it better to invest in a MHP in a state where they are more common? Or does it matter?

I don’t think it matters. What I do think matters is demand? In my area, Phoenix, we have over 300 parks. Some parks sit half empty while others thrive. Why the difference? Demand!


I do think that it is important to buy a mobile home park in an area where they are not looked down on, that is they are acceptable lifestyles. I own 3 parks in Texas, and 1 in Oregon.