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Is it possible to construct a management and leasing contract that does not require a RE license? Ex. A contract with an individual to another individual to manage and lease their property for a flat fee per year.


You can work as an employee and manage property without a license. Employee compensation can be a flat fee or hourly or a % of income. I believe as long as you do not advertise as an agent looking to manage other properties you will be OK. By advertise I mean work of mouth etc and not just a newspaper etc. You may be able to work for more than one employer but that is kind of grey in my opinion. I am sure a copy of the statute is online thru the Texas Real Estate Commission that may clear up some of your questions

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Thanks for the reply. I’ve checked the TREC website and all I could find is that you had to be an employee of the owner to lease their space without a license.
Here’s my situation. I own, manage and lease 8 commercial properties with 17 tenants. Other commercial owners in the area have asked if I would lease and manage their properties.
I was hoping someone here would know of a way to do this without a license. Also, the TREC website did not say what would be the consequences for leasing without a license, or how enforced.

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Those are the two key questions. I know that they can revoke your license if you collect fees and do not have a license. I saw several Brokers being put on probation etc when I belonged to the Austin Board and read the TREC magazine. I would not risk jail time for sure or tens of thousands in legal fees. There must be some legal way. A few ideas maybe:

  1. Form partnership to own the properties where you are managing partner but not voting partner and only had a small ownership.

  2. Hire an inactive Broker who would collect and then pay you most of the fee as am employee.

Thats all i can think of for now. I hope some others can help too

Ted Jr