Mexican Investment vacation properties

My husband and I have been investing for only a year and have a total of 26 units. We are doing great and exceeding our goals. One goal is to purchase a home for retirement in Northern Michigan ( as of next week I think we will have completed this ) the other goal to set us up for retirement is a winter home in the southern portion of the yucatan penninsula in Mexico. Buy and rent out now, retire in later. The problem is financing out of the country. Have any of you purchased in Mexico ? If so, what was your source of financing?

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Financing is available! Search online and you will find GE Money, GMAC, Bancomer, Express Mortgage, Collateral International and many brokers who can help. Ask them if they have actually finded loans in your area since most are new to the game in Mexico. Be ready for closing costs higher than in the US as well, but there are plenty of profits to be made!

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