Meth houses

Recently visited a house in decent neighborhood with a REO and another FSBO. FSBO had contract and owner said she believed the REO house “had a bunch of druggies” living there. I couldnt get into the house. The garage door windows were spray painted black, I noticed a burn mark in the den, several holes in walls, and a second story window busted out. The basement was weird… originally had drop ceiling, but the tiles were torn out (not taken out), the basement had been partially finished, which had weird ducting.

My gut tells me it was used in the manufacture of meth or other drugs. When I called the sherriffs dept (narcotics division), I asked if there was anyway that I could get public info regarding if it was ever used in the manufacture of drugs. The answer was a stern NO.

Is there anywhere else I can get this info? Dept of Health? Does anyone carry mobile drug test kits for quick analysis before bringing in the big boys (and $$$$) for inspection/testing/cleanup?