Mentorship program

Has anyone attended the mentorship program put together by David Finkel and Peter Conti in recent times? Do share your views.

I haven’t been but I know it’s VERY expensive. I do like the negotiating with sellers portions of all their books and I have heard them speak a few times, but never paid for it. I would suggest buy one of their programs off ebay before you spend that kind of money. Then you can make sure their style meshes well with yours.



Debating whether to do this mentorship program…it will run me about 6,000 bucks…

Anyone?? Thanks! :-*

New Computer $2,000.00 membership FREE

nice chair and desk $1,500

Coffee pot $20.99

Hours and hours of free reading here on this site PRICELESS!!!

for everything else there is master card

there is more info here then you could get there I guarantee it!

See and you already have the computer and desk you are already ahead 3500!!!

LOL reoconsultants!

Thanks for your amusing reply.

I guess I am at that point where I have read and researched and read some more, done some seminars, browsed the websites, joined my local REI club…and now I am feeling nervous to just jump right in. Don’t I need someone to hold my hand? Aren’t there secrets I cannot get anywhere else than if I do this? Won’t it separate me from the crowd?? These questions fill my little brain…


I will keep coming back here and sucking up knowledge like a sponge, though–that I know for sure!!

Christine in NJ

It is just like Monopoly once you know the rules PLAY THE GAME!!!

Really, CS1977, a lot of this is purely commonsense. Think about what you’re doing and then ask your self, “WWRD”? (What would reoconsultants do?..).

Seriously, though, start small and do something…then do something again…and again.

Look at your numbers – if they make sense to you, go for it. If you can’t figure them out…ASK!


Thanks for the tip ;D

Seriously, though–I’m gettin’ there…just want to be in the best mindset first! I know, excuses, excuses…

So fuhgeddabout the $6000 mentorship: what I really want to know is–reoconsultants: are you Robb of mentortolunch? Just checked out the site, sweet.

Christine in NJ

He’s shy…

reoconsultants and Robb “Mentor to Lunch” are one-in-the-same!


I only popped over to the site and browsed for 5 minutes…I am getting a really good feeling from Mr. Mentor! I will be buying this book today!!!

Anyone else who is familiar with his book want to comment?


Christine :-*

I personally haven’t read it but I’ve heard good things about it here and other sites.


Hi CS1977,

I’ve read Robb’s book, two thumbs up!!!

Forget the 6k mentor BS, save your money.

I started reading & studying REI in June. Most of the reading came from this site. I asked alot of questions and thanks to Robb, Tedjr, Keith, $Cash$, and several several others they ALL got answered, and quickly at that!!!

The only way you won’t make it in this business is if you do nothing at all. You can read all the books, take all the courses in the world, have a 100 mentors tell ya what to do but, if you never take action and apply what you’ve learned you’ll never be successful!!!
In my opinion keep reading and asking and most of all take ACTION and you will see results.
Look at it like this, if you bought a pair of tennis shoes today for $10 dollars and you knew you could sale them tomorrow for $20 dollars would you sale them, of course you would and then you would do it again and again, right? Well same as real estate just add a few zero’s on the back end of $10 or $20 bucks and go from shoes to houses and you have the same situation. Just start thinking bigger and just go and do it. I knew absolutely nothing about REI 5 months ago.

As of to date I’ve purchased 3 homes.,
One in Aug. 30k profit
One yesterday 15k potential profit
One today 28-32k potential profit. Oh yea I had them throw in a boat on this one to seal the deal, NO JOKE!!!

All without a 6k mentor to hold my hand. Even if you paid them the 6k they’re not gonna hold your hand anyway.

Anyone can do this business if they would just get the balls, well in your case the nerve to just do it.

Good Luck,


Wow. Thanks for that encouraging reply. I will definitely be sticking around here. It means a lot to hear about this biz from everday people like me…gurus are fine, but REALITY holds more water for me.

I believe 110% that this is the way to wealth for myself. Once that first deal is in my back pocket, I will be off and running!

Thanks guys–
Christine :-*