Mentoring Program for RE Beginners . . .

Mentoring Program for RE Beginners . . .

How do I find a legit mentoring program for Beginners in Real Estate?

I learn better when working with someone to advise … guide me. Rather than stumbling over and against problems and issues.

That someone else already knows about, hence, can help one successfully navigate one’s way to a successful outcome.

I know of a couple of mentoring programs … but they are designed for people with some experience.

Will appreciate any help you can provide, thanking you in advance . . .

Not really sure, but some people @ your local REIA might be able to help.


Howdy CCC:

You can get a lot of help here on this site. There are CPA’s and attorneys that will answer questions and experienced investors that will help as well. Some may even be willing to help one on one in person. You also have local RE clubs where you can meet other investors etc and get friendly advice.


Minh Pham works with beginners. I have some of his products that were great and I have a associate that completed is mentoring program. His website is

best of luck!

Those problems and issues are how your going to learn. This website is great,it tells you everything . You need to be a leader not a follower. Good luck

leverage . . .

“Those problems and issues are how your going to learn. This website is great,it tells you everything . You need to be a leader not a follower. Good luck”

Not sure what the above has to with mentoring? Yeah, I could “lead” myself into the RE unknown minefield of learning replete with hard knocks.

Or, I could “follow” someone [mentor] into the RE known minefield and pass on MOST hard knocks.

What I mean is this, even with a mentor, there will still be hard knocks. I just want to miss some of them. More importantly … to speed up my learning considerably by having a guide.

b124, zen,

Appreciate the followup.

Have a local REI Club, seem okay and all. Don’t feel any of them has mentored before. I sort of indicated my desire on that front. Though wishing to help, don’t believe any of them have a “thought out” program. Don’t want them to wing it . . .

Thanks for the lead for mentor link, will check it out . . .

What exacting are you expecting to get out of a mentor or a mentor program?

Have a local REI Club, seem okay and all. Don’t feel any of them has mentored before

You’re probably right. If they are fulltime investors, then they are probably buying and selling real estate, not teaching people how to do it.

Though wishing to help, don’t believe any of them have a “thought out” program.

Can’t agree with that one. If you’re talking to successful investors, then they definitely DO have a “thought out” program for success. It’s rare that someone becomes successful in REI by bumbling their way through it. I don’t know how you’re approaching them, but it’s more likely that you’re getting the “overview” response, which is just the basic idea on how to do something. If you truly want a mentor, then ask someone directly and ask what it would take to get that (ie money, time, effort, alittle of all, etc.). Some investors may want you to pay for their time, some may want a birddog, help on others things, etc.

It amazes me how many people are willing to pay a stranger offering a mentoring program online, or a crash course bootcamp, $3-5K or more, but they aren’t willing to put up some time or money for someone that is actually doing deals and doing them in their market area.

Don’t ask investors for this or that, or how to do this or that. Ask them what they’d charge to teach you this or that, or buy this form or contract from them. Serious investors have spent alot of time and money prefecting their own style and contracts, and yet, many, many newbies seem to think that these old-timers should gladly hand over all their information for free.


“Thought out program . . .” I meant curriculum, as it would pertain to say “coursework.”

Not that they don’t have a plan … method … to effect positive outcome.

It is ironic that I just talked with a person from another RE website who is part and parcel to the site and has nothing to gain by helping me one way or the other. Anyhow … this person suggested I learn to flip/wholesale on my own. Then move on to, and in to other means to secure deals and so forth, they also recommended coursework to look at.

To protect this person’s anonymity [calls from people like me] … I am deliberately leaving who it was out of this email. Having said that, responses I’ve gotten from my posts have been helpful. I believe I now have a direction relative to “where I go from here.” Now I must find good coursework for flipping/wholesaling properties to begin the effort.

Seems my mentor idea might have been a little to “early.” I’ve learned enough at the local RE Club meetings as well as perusing sites and so forth. To know, for example, foreclosures are a bit much for me at this point. Somewhat specialized and can be risky to the buyer.

Whereas lease options might be a little easier for the novice to get under her/his belt.

However, of all the means to an end, seems flipping/wholesaling could be a place to start. Since risk is low and out of pocket is negligible. I came to this conclusion as well before the chat.

My mentor idea was to accelerate the process. However, seems I must idle back a bit. And perhaps make use of a mentor once I’ve got some things in motion, in tow as it were.

Any and all ways of doing any of the facets of RE, be they L/O, foreclosures, wholesaling, buy & hold … whatever. All require finding sellers and buyers. Both sets have problems … both need solutions.

Seems wholesaling may be as good as any to begin the process and be a conduit . . .

Lastly, is amazing at several websites proclaiming their being “all things to all people” from learning the RE game, to lender contacts, you name it. Had grammar errors … one big time site had several simple grammar and spelling errors.

Wouldn’t you at least do a spell check on your website when trying to sell a $1,995 to $9,995 mentor program? Or any product or service for that matter? Just floors me how many websites have such errors. Moreover, many of these websites are not just any Joe Schmo wannabe either. Some are of great repute.

Do you belong to any groups or organizations now? I mean non-realty groups like a PTA or “Friends of the Library?” Networking is networking. Many people are “getting into” real estate investing, and it shouldn’t be too hard to find someone, maybe even a fellow-newbie, who’s farther along than you.

I called a realtor who goes to my church “just to chat” – we talked for over an hour. Turns out she’s looking into trying some foreclosure deals. I got great advice, encouragement, and of course when I need a professional, I’m going to send the business to her. Everybody wins.

And that’s another important point. Roger 3 is correct that you need to bring something to the table yourself. What do you have that would persuade someone to help you? Some philanthropists like to help by mentoring “promising young people”, but I’m nearly fifty years old, and not expecting any gifts.

Some of the folks here help out, just because it’s fun, and they’re enthusiastic about making money. With more experience, I’ll probably be one of them. But it’s unlikely that you’ll get anything but the most “general” of advice without putting forth something of yourself, and it sounds like you’re willing. Think about what you have to offer to someone else, and then offer it.

I’m not into Zen and all, but I do remember one adage that says, “When the student is ready, the teacher will appear.”

Best of Luck!


Welcome to Real Estate Investing.

You should write down your goals of what you want to achieve out of Real Estate Investing First. You need to know where you want to go before you decide the best path to get there.

Then you can find a Group, community or Mentor to help you get there.

I tried many different Gurus, until I found what worked for me.

The honest Truth is, “Nothing will Work in Your Area or any Area”

You have to take the knowledge and apply it. Last year I Never thought I would be where I am at today.

Get your Map written down, then plot your course.

I wish you much success in your future REI endeavors.