IM LOOKING FOR A MENTOR IN THE EASTERN PA. AREA!!! Any suggestions on where to look? :banghead

where have you looked?

Looking for a mentor is a rather strange endeavor. There’s no set method on obtaining one. You can pay for one, thats an option. Check your local REIA. The biggest question you need to ask yourself is what do you bring to the table? Why should someone take their valuable time to mentor you? You have to provide value for someone to consider mentoring you. A few years ago, I met a sheriff at an auction who was interested in RE. Ive done primarily short sales, wholesale and Im a landlord. Ive mentored him through a few deals, because he brings me deals and he does all the leg work. Since I work full-time, this is perfect for me. Trust me Im no expert, but I take action and I make use of my resources. Lastly, you gotta network.

Lots of variables to be able to answer your question. What type of investing do you want to do? What’s your experience level? What are you looking for in a mentor?

Find the Real Estate Investor Clubs in you area of PA. Then seek out Thel seek out the people who are actual investor and ask one of them would they mind being your mentor.

Having a mentor is ok, but don’t be one of them types of people that hires a mentor and goes to seminar after seminar and does nothing with the knowledge they have previously learned. Try some things out first, see where you strengths and weakness are and then take it to a mentor. Funny thing is I just made a video talking about this. Hope its ok to post it here… :elephant