Mentor in Metro NYC

Planning to start REI soon. I have a partner and we’re both in search of a mentor who can give us some extra support, knowledge and added confidence. We have been learning a lot through REI Club, Books and courses.

We’re anxious to get started but are hesitant to make the first move (everyone says to “NIKE” just do it, but the downside scares the CRAP out of us!). We feel that with a mentor we can at least see, hear and feel the techniques we plan on using in the real world.

Any suggestions on how to find a good mentor in my area?

Thanks REI. Also, a special thanks to Ted Stokely for being such a great fountain of opinion, information and guidance.

(everyone says to “NIKE” just do it, but the downside scares the CRAP out of us!)

What downside are you talking about? Are you planing to be a rehabber or wholesaler? I found out alot of people dont have the patient to sit down and mentor someone unless money is involved. Im not saying it is impossible to find a mentor but you will have to find a right one and that might cost you time and we all know TIME IS MONEY… Instead you might want to write down all your questions and start networking with other investors that been in the game for along time and ask them your questions…And also you mention you have been going to REI clubs, reading books, and course… If you are doing all those things and you still dont think you are ready i suggest you keep reading books and goin to the meeting until you feel comfortable…I suggest you just keep on networking and ask as much questions you can…

Hope this help… :wink:

Great Advice Focus on Money!!! I am now 30 years old as of yesterday and have been doing this for over 10 years… Let me add to this advice theres no better web site to learn from there are people on here that have been doing this for years listen to everything that Jeff Adams, Ted jr. Focus on money… and some of the others in here have to say!!! And you will learn enough without a mentor. Keep in mind after awhile if you keep reading and don’t start doing your book collection will look better then your wallet!! Got to run more real estate to buy and sell!!!

I would be willing to bet that between your local real estate investment association, and websites like this one, you could probably get the answer to just about every type of question or situation you could think of.

The best thing you can do is join a local investment group, or several. Go to the meetings, ask questions. Ask questions here in the forums. But don’t use it as an excuse to wait to know everything, because you will never know everything. Best of luck to you.

Regards, Tony

Great reply Bobo I tell everybody after ten years the only I have learned is that I have alot to learn!!!

I myself is starting REI, and also live in the metro area. I understand where your coming from. After reading some of the feedbacks I noticed there are many questions that i have and that are being answered. I found this site a couple of days ago and Im not to sure who to believe. Everyones answer is helpful so as a learning process take every opinion/answer into consideration.
good luck and maybe we will bump into eachother at one of the clubs.