Mentor in Dallas area

How do I find a part time mentor in Dallas area? Someone who can show me the models that work so that I don’t spend 3x the time figuring it out myself. I have learned a lot from this board and great moderators such as Ted Jr and their timely and complete reponses, as well as from buying and reading Steve Cook’s course, but real life experience imparted first hand is invaluable. ;D Thanks in advance.

DFW INV (Jason Leach, CFA)

Hello, What type of mentor are you looking for? Have you checked out the local investment clubs?

I have rehabbed one property and started to build a team with a realtor, accountant, etc. I would like to wholesale deals and rehab select ones. The properties I come across I am having to pass on because of one hang up or another. I figure that a good mentor could help me to capitalize through wholesaling (I understand the process but am getting rebuffed by banks) or other avenues. I think it would be a good networking opportunity. I will begin going to meetings in my area. I am in th emidst of looking at numerous deals now though and would like to meet with someone soon.

DFW Investor (Jason Leach, CFA)

Howdy DFW Inv:

Wow Thanks for the kind words. This forum had helped me grow and learn as well. All the new members of late have added a lot as well. There is truly a wealth of info here. You can never stop learning. I am mentoring a few folks right now and it is not easy. I always assume folks know more than they do even with my own children. There just is no substitute for some experience. I just bought a Rolls Royce and it helped me realize this when I pulled into a muffler/ auto repair shop and the guys looked at each other and said the hoped I was there for a muffler because they knew nothing about the car otherwise. It can be hard and expensive to learn by doing in auto repair and real estate. I am glad you are seeking some help where you need it.

No problemo. You dedicate a lot of time to giving back. That is commendable.

DFW (Jason)