MemphisInvest & Kent Clothier

I live in Hawaii and would like to invest in real estate but properties here start at 300K.
Would anyone recommend using a company like MemphisInvest to invest and manage a property for me in
a less expensive market. I saw Kent Clothier’s Webinar today and he offers a “turn key” opportunity for those who want to invest out of state. Any comments on this? Any other suggestions?

Hi Lisa,

       Actually virtually every real estate investor on this website could find you a property and set you up with a turn key deal! (Supposed to be a deal!)

You have to be the one to research any state, county and city / town area and do your due diligence!
It is easy to say “I got the perfect turn key property for you” but harder to find the right property with all the right attributes.

You probable can do just as well doing your research on growth markets and using networking to find the right property in the right location?

Good luck,


I am in Hon. The Haw RE Investor club has something like that. Check them out. Free meeting on 9/14.

Lisa, investing long distance will always pose challenges. My experience has been most management companies aren’t very worthwhile.

Hi Lisa,

My name is Frank and I run the training calls we have on REIClub. If you are interested in finding out some more information, or to get more of your questions answered please feel free to pm me.

I will be able to get your questions directly over to MemphisInvest.

Thanks for listening in last week. We always appreciate our students.

Good Investing,
Frank Chen


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You see Frank, I was trying to teach Lisa to do her own due diligence!!!