Memorable Phone Number

I just realized that my cell phone number that I use for all of my REI business has a number of 214-529-LOAN.

I BUY and

Used Mobile Homes

Even if my general business does not revolve around making loans per sey it is definitely easier to remember when driving past a sign at 40mph.

AND it is better than what I normally tell people… 214-529-LOCO

That might not have as good of an effect on potential customers. ;D

Why not brand the LOCO such as I must be LOCO you offer such great deals.

I did think about that actually, but wasn’t sure how I could fit a whole phrase on a 18x24 sign and not be too wordy. LOL

Plus not sure that the hispanic population would take it seriously. They are the ones walking around with $3,000-$6,000 cash to put down on a home.