Meeting with Rehab buyer

I’m going to be setting up a meeting with my friends father who has been a rehabber for 30 years in my area. What questions would you ask him? My thoughts would be to

  • get his take on the current market conditions in the town
  • his criteria for properties
  • if he knows any other investors in town (not sure about this one)

Anything else going in would be good to know as well, so if you have any suggestions shoot them at me. It’s strange, if someone else asked this question on the board I’d probably be able to answer it. Now that it’s my turn my mind is blank…hahaha

What do you want to know from him? If he is the father of your friend maybe he can mentor you? When I meet investors I like to ask some of the following:

How did you get started?
What is your niche? Rehabbing? Landlording? Etc…
What do you look for in a property?
How do you find your great deals?
How are you financing your purchases?

I’m sure once you get going on a few questions the conversation will flow.

Oh, and be honest. It’s okay to just be getting started and a little nervous. Good luck and let us know how it turns out!