Meeting Other Investors At Your Local REI Club?

Hello I am new here to RE investing (obviously) and I am going to be attending a local REI club meeting for the first time, next week. I had a question as to how all of you pros out there got to know the fellow investors at the meetings and if there are some pointers you could give me as to how to approach them. I was wondering if i should just carry around a notebook and try and introduce myself to everyone i could and just write down there info, as to what they bring to the RE community and maybe how i could use that person in the future for my investing? Any Good inside scoops?

No big secret or scoop, just be yourself. Introduce yourself and then listen. Find out who the successful investors are and get to know them.

Beware of all the selling going on. To me all these are overpriced and over rated.

Take some business cards with you…If you don’t have any, make some up on your computer with name, “real estate investor”, and phone number…That’s about all the info you really need on it for the people you’ll meet…