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What if I let a lease run out and dont sign a new one immediately. If I wait say a month, can I then sign a new lease with changes? Or if I dont sign a new lease, does the old lease carry over for another term?

That depends on your state law and your current lease. You need to read and understand both. Generally, when a lease ends, it reverts to a month to month lease. You can generally give appropriate notice before the current lease ends that their will be changes when it ends.

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Mike, I really appreciate your help. You give a lot of good information. Thanks~


You don’t say whether you are the landlord or the tenant. Propertymanager assumed that you are the landlord who has not presented the tenant with a new lease. However, your question is not really clear enough to know for sure what you are really asking.

As a landlord, you present your tenant with a new lease, for their acceptance. If they sign, then you sign. Your failure to sign may not give you any legal ground to change the lease if your tenant has already accepted your lease terms.

If you are the tenant, and don’t sign the new lease presented by the landlord and don’t move out at the end of your lease term, then you become a holdover tenant subject to the holdover terms of the previous lease. In my leases, holdover tenants’ get a 50% rent increase for as long as they remain a holdover tenant.

I am the landlord on a rental i fell into… The lease runs out at the end of the month, and Im going to need to make some changes to the house but I dont know what the extent of those changes will be. If I let the lease run out and then have them sign a new one a month later, is that legal? If a lease isnt signed but they stay, it doesnt renew the previous lease does it?

Again, that depends on what the current lease says and what the law is in your state. Usually, at the end of the lease, it will revert to a month to month lease under the old terms, but YOU need to KNOW (as opposed to guessing, hoping, or taking anything you read on the internet as the facts in this case). I would determine your state law and thoroughly read your lease as soon as possible.

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You need to read your copies of the leases. Mostly a lease reverts to a month to month agreement automatically. However, there are a some leases which extend automatically if no one gives notice.

My suggestion is that you approach the tenants and give them a new month to month rental agreement and have them sign it, before the current leases expire.

You are not going to be able to do too much to the building while tenants are living in it with all their stuff. You can really fix up the outside and hallways, but it’s hard to do too much inside unless you want to pay to put the tenants into a motel while you are working.

Google “landlord tenant laws” for your state and you should be able to get your answer…