Maybe its a bad idea to tell the seller right away....

I talked to the seller of a house that was up for Lease with option to buy. But when i told him that i was intending to turn around and get another contract with a possible tenent, he kinda just said “o ok, well ill have to check with my insurance company, ill have to call you back.”
Which i know he will never call me back. is this a bad idea to tell the seller about this right at the begining of the first phone conversation??

Naw, You should tell them up front. You might say something like I specialise in helping people get a home that they may not quite qualify for yet. I work to help them get qualfied in the future, credit pulls set them with a credit repair program etc. Its in my best interest taht they make it as well as yours. I don’t get paid until they get a conventional mortgage either. Something like that anyway. You do have a team to help you with these goals don’t you? Herbster

good info. But no i dont have a team, im actully a dead broke college student, so i was intending to do lots of research on the internet (anything free) then if i get my first deal done i was planning on like buying different programs and maybe an real estate attorny.


I don’t quite get what kind of lead you had. But I feel differently then Herbster. I don’t believe it is a good idea to negotiate on the phone upfront. I want to gather information and build some rapport and if the property and owner seem to be a deal possibility, then I’ll inspect the property and work the owner face to face. Only then will I cover any possibility I have in mind that can solve the owners problem and let me make a buck.