May I sell my property?

Suppose I buy one property as my primary residence, having a mortgage for 30 years to pay off, but after living there for 2 years and for some reason I need to relocate, can I sell my home at that time??

The reason I ask is that I hope to find a good deal , using margin and area appreciation rate to cover my living expense for the 2 years.

I am new, any thoughts will be appreciated!!

Anyone can stop me if I am wrong, but I believe that you can sell your house at any time. You have to ensure that you do not have an early payment penalty clause with your mortgage, and if you are part of a home association (condo, Townhouse) they do not have a clause stating that you cannot sell. I hope that this helps

This is really helpful!
Yes, I really need to pay attention to the " early payment penalty clause".
Thank you for the poster! This is really a new term I need to learn

If you have an adjustable rate mortgage it almost certainly has a 5+ year prepayment penalty. That’s their disincentive to cash them out (sale or refi) at the low rate. If you’ve had high appreciation then it’s a non-issue but if appreciation has been moderate or non-existent then it’s a big issue.