may have to evict tenant on Social Security

I have a tenant who’s been at my house close to a year and it seem like every month or every other month she’s having problems getting her money. she owes me $600 that she’s been playing catch-up on from the 970 she owed me. 2 of her kids turned 18 and some paper work is forever not getting filed or whatever. I have to pick up a letter from her tomorrow stating that she’s in an appeal and it could take 60-90 days. so now I have to pay 2-3 months on my own.

I’m thinking about just evicting now. my question is. assuming I win which I should and if she doesn’t want to pay what she owes me and I get an judgment. the same way people’s taxes will get taken away during tax time, can I have that done to her SS since it’s government funds to pay off what she will owe me? she doesn’t work so this is has been her only source of income for the last 9 years.

You have to wait for her to commingle the SS funds with non-exempt funds before you can take them. Creditors cannot garnish SS, SSI, etc.

I think your best bet is to just get her out,regardless if you retrieve any money from her after her eviction.

In my limited experience,a deadbeat that has priorities other than keeping a roof over his/her head will continue to be late or not pay at all.

Nice guys,on this deal always finish last.

You are distracted by what this person owes you. That is not the issue. You have to remember that anytime someone is in your house that is not paying rent it is not just costing you the $600 they are not paying you but they are preventing you from getting someone in that can pay. You concern is NOT collecting the rent they owe it is getting them OUT of the house. Once they are out and the house is rented and making money go after evicted tenant for the money or not but you need to get them out with all deliberate efforts.

If two of her kids turned 18, she has lost that income. She can appeal all she wants to and they aren’t going to give it back to her.

Ger her out. Her income has been reduced and she feels no obligation to pay her rent, expecting you to take over Uncle Sam’s position of paying her living expenses for her.