i want to do a mail out and maximize my response. i WILL be targeting the lis pendens list.
What can i put on my post cards to get the most return calls?

Look up Toni Tzio. The master from the bayou. He has a program you can purchase with a system of postcards. One of the things he reccomends is to use yellow paper (he found this by tring different colors and yellow works the best). I’ll try to dig up his website.

ASAP - LOL here you go…


Your postcard needs:

  1. A powerful headline to make sure it gets read
  2. A benefit-laden message communicating why the prospect should contact you
  3. A call to action specifically telling them what you want them to do

Here is a link to a postcard example that I have used.

Best of luck,


I tend to stick with less info. Tony’s system which I use has been tested and tried for more than 10 years.

I went to, and the site said it was not taking anymore members? No addtional information??? Do you have a quick excerpt of the system?

Wow that just gives you an idea on how good he is…I’ll dig it up when I get a second.

Sounds Great, thanks for your help.

I thought that was a kickbutt postcard Jason. I may use that in the future. Thanks