Matching your buyers criteria

When you find your buyers to wholesale deals to, how do you find what your buyers are looking for? I mean do you ride around the neighborhood locating what they want, pay someome else to find the deals, or use advertisement? If you ride around the neighborhood to locate the deals they want, how does that work out for you. Lets say you find a buyer who is looking for a 3 bed 2 bathroom house built in 1960. How would you be able to locate their criteria just by riding through some random area looking at homes without being able to see the homes from the inside to tell how many bedrooms and bathrooms it has or what year it was built. I use to bird dog for some that was extremely specific about the type of houses he wanted and it was difficult to locate a specific house for this investor. Sure I travel around some random spot looking at homes I guess could match their criteria. The problem is without having inside access to these vacant homes, I wouldn’t know upfront if it matches my buyers criteria based on the number or bedrooms and bathrooms they want or the year it was built. I could care less about the year built but this picky investor I birddooged for did care.

The county tax assessor’s website where I live lists square footage, year built, how many bedrooms/bathrooms, etc. Are some of the houses on there listed incorrectly? Sure, some are, but it’s pretty accurate overall. It’s a good place to start. If you have something like that where you are, you could find addresses and then check them on the website for amplifying information. As far as being specific, many investors will have a niche of houses they like to deal with. I think I’ve told you this before…my wife and I deal with houses mostly 30k and less so we wouldn’t be interested in houses that would cost much more than that. I could also tell you areas of town where I would not be interested in buying…everywhere else would be fine. If you find investors there who have more than a few properties, they probably have some similar traits of what they look for.

I have a county tax assessor website like the one you are talking about. Mine gives the same information as yours. Ok so if I go out and look at random homes when I am out and about, just write down the address and put that information into the tax assessor website to see if it matches what my buyers are looking for. Is that how people bird dog for deals? Right now I am turning my attention to landlords to add to my buyers list. I hope that would help. I hear they are good to have on a buyers list. I found two landlords from section 8. What I really wanted to do was see if it is possible to wholesale these vacant homes in my area. Then again landlords may not be right for these properties because these homes need major rehab work.

I’m not a bird dog, but I would think you would have to then contact the owner of the vacant house and see what they want for it. The first step should be finding what matches your investors’ criteria. Don’t count out LL’s because of needing rehab. I like it when we can find houses that don’t need much work for a decent price, but a lot of the houses we buy need a good amount of work to get them ready.

Ok I won’t count out Landlords. The homes I seen so far needs some serious work down on the outside since that is all I see.

Good evening tbodley74,

I am really impressed with you tenacity. You are working hard in your favor. The answers to most All of your questions will be answered when you take your massive amount of energy and focus on finding motivated sellers with favorable financing from them and then advertise and the new buiyers will find you for the great deal! It is hard enough to find the perfect deal let alone find the perfect deal for just one guy,( Mr 1960)…

Finding the right piece of property at the right price that could be sold to the largest group of buyers will make your day. Example: There are more buyers in the 50k-150k range than there are in the 400k-800k range. You will find buyers in all price ranges so concentrate on finding the deal because if it is good you will have no trouble selling it. Keep Mr 1960 on your buyers list, you may find something for him!!


Hi GOD WNZ. Me getting a hold of that perfect deal will make me very satisfied. Right now I am still working on my buyers list. I am contacting a list of landlords. I heard from a few of them. I am waiting to hear back from the rest of them. I don’t know anyone who buys in the $400k-$800k price range. Those are more like homes of the rich and famous compared to where I come from. I will never see homes that pricey in anywhere in my town. Anything cheap that I can buy and flip is good for me. By the way, who is Mr. 1960?