Master-Metered Utilities

While researching properties I have come across quite a few listed with: “All utilities are master metered.” I assumed this means that the utilties are on one meter. The way it was listed it was almost as if this was a benefit to the buyer.

Is my assumption correct? Is this some slick new term with which realtors try to turn a fault into a feature?




Thanks again Mike,

One more property to pass on.


Amen! The very last thing you need is to drive by your property on the coldest day of the winter; see the windows wide open; and know that you’re paying that bill! Yikes!


Amen. I don’t, and I will not, pay any utilities on any of my properties. Actually, I do trash to make sure it gets done. If they are not split I lower my offer to compensate me for having to absorb the cost of splitting them myself, which will run into the thousands.