Master Exit Strategist

I’m looking for info on all the different types of exit strategies available for real estate and creative financing techniques in order to master them and become an expert with any situation a seller throws at me. Is there any sources available or websites that anyone can recommend to me that teaches that stuff? Thanks in advance.


hi Goldenknight :slight_smile:

exit strategy:
buy low & hold
rehab & sell
option (or assign it to another investor)
lease option
lease to own

creative financing:
borrow $ from friends, family
get seller to carry the loan for a short term
find hard money lender
tap equity from property that you own
partner with a rich person who has $$$$$

I got these ideas from reading the articles, and from reading the posts in here … Check out the left column for articles


Thanks for your input. I am aware of the general concepts to which you speak, but I am looking for something even more specific - a definitive source of exit strategies. Something that is a step-by-step and gives as many scenarios as possible. As a wholesaler, if a seller presents me with something unusual, I want to be prepared for it. I just don’t want to let go of a possible deal because I wasn’t quite sure how to handle it.


i got your pt now…that’s a real good question…hmm…

Carlton Sheets is a great resource. It gives several creative financing techniques and I learned a whole heck of a lot from it.

A friend of mine has an interesting exit clause in all his purchase contracts. It states partners approval…Funny thing is, he has no partner,so when people ask who his partner is, he says the loan will be in my name only, not his. He handles the rehab side and the financing so its irrevelant to put the name on the contract…always works for him…

Oh and his partner…its been challenged before, is God…not someone doing the rehab…

HA-HA… that is sweet! ;D

Been a long time since I read any of his stuff. Not sure I still even have any of it. Any place that you know of that recaps it?