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Hey everyone, I will love to connect to all of you who are in MA. We are redevelopment in the metro west area and are always looking to connect with investors in MA. WE are specific looking for wholesalers, birddogs and investor friendly real estate agents.

Jackeline Petrucci

Good afternoon Jackeline,

My name is Josette and I am new to real estate investing. You mention that you are interested in connecting with wholesalers and birddogs…therefore I’d be happy to work with you if the interest is still there.

Thank you.

My name is Bill Paulson. My partner and I are real estate investors operating out of Needham MA. If you have wholesale deals, we are always looking for rehab opportunities within 20 miles of Needham. We will occasionally find deals outside that circle so if you would like me to add you to our buyer list, feel free to contact me.

Hello all,

I’m Scott from Western Mass, the Berkshires, and always looking for opportunities and to learn.

Welcome, Scott! :beer


I am new to real estate investing and live in Western Massachusetts (Hampshire County). I am looking for a real estate attorney who is willing to do double closings and assignment contracts. I have tried a couple and they have been fairly clueless.

Hello everyone I’m a real estate investor from Brockton, MA looking to connect with other wholesalers and scouts (birddogs) hows everybody doing?

Hello my name is Eugene I’m new to real estate investing and I would like to find a mentor to learn from or a partner to learn with.

Hi, I am a new investor/wholesaler from Southeastern Massachusetts looking to network with other like-minded individuals.
Also looking for cash buyers to add to my list.

Hello Everyone, I have been in real estate investing since 2004. I am out of Ashland Ma so if you have any deals you are looking to wholesale within 30 hr/45 minutes of Ashland please let me know. If anyone needs help with anything please let me know.

I’m North of Boston / S. New Hampshire. Looking for wholesalers to work with. Please add me to your cash buyer list. PM me for more information.


Hello All,
I am a new multifamily investor in the central Ma area. I am having trouble finding an attorney (preferably also an investor) to review investment partnership contracts. Any recommendations would be welcomed!
Thank you!!

hi are still working out of boston

I’m a contractor on the south shore that buys fix n flip properties.
I am looking for investors to invest in our projects. Your ROI will be between 20-30% depending on amount of investment.
Please contact me for more details

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