Maryland agents

If anyone knows of RE agents in Maryland that are experienced it working with investors and wholesellers, I’d certainly appreciate the information. I’m kinda lost at where to start; I can whip out the Yellow Pages and start cold calling but I figured I’d see if I could avoid reinventing the wheel. The next REI meeting I can attend will be in August and I’d like to get started now.
Thanks for any help! 8)

Hi Immy - I see you generate posts having to do with MD so I’m guessing you are from MD. I’m also from MD. What area do you live in? Also what areas have you found are good for investing?

Also have you had any training on the new SB761 which deals with how to contact preforeclosures/foreclosures?. I have been trying to learn more but so far everyone wants to charge $1000 for basic training. I’m hoping that between a few marylanders we can figure it out.

Sorry I didn’t answer you email about RE agents. I don’t know any. We are hoping to do most of the leg work ourselves - hence the need to know how to contact foreclosures/preforeclosures.

Goodness, I have no idea what this SB761 is! Can you tell I’m so green? What is it?

If you do a search you can find the Bill and read it. Of course it’s in “legalese-type” of writing.

But from what I understand in order to combat fraud against RE investors contacting preforeclosures and foreclosures - MD enacted a law this month (July) that states what you can do and CANNOT do if you decide to contact foreclosures or work with foreclosures. Essentially you could land in Jail if you don’t abide by the law.

The biggest issue I think that led to this bill is that fact that some bad RE investors are stealing titles/deeds & equity from foreclosures under deals like Lease with Option to buy but not really honoring their end of the deal. In essence foreclosures are ending up being foreclosed on, loosing their homes and any equity that they have earned in the property.

So the BIll has defined 3 categories of persons with respects to contacting foreclosures: Foreclosure Consultant, Foreclosure Purchaser and I forgot the last one.

Anyway, I have been trying to find someone who has read the bill and has a good understanding of it…maybe now that you know you can do some fishing and keep in touch…Pass it on to other MD’ers - I’m sure someone has a good interpretation of the law.

You can still contact foreclosures you just have to know the disclaimers and what to say and what not to say…thats what I’m trying to figure out.

There is a thread about it on (which is a group that is based in Maryland)

Also, IMMY the group that I was telling you about that meets on the 3rd tuesday at the VFW has some people there who can go in depth on it.

I’ve been out of town and just returned. Thanks for this information. I’m definitely going to research this bill because my plan was after initially doing a few birddogs on the “regular” market while trying to assemble my RE team (read - get contractors/handymen lined up), to go after pre-foreclosures and foreclosures to rehab.
I can’t tell you how happy I am to have found this website. It is a really good resource!

I’ve been trying to get into the Bird Dogging for about a month and want to know where I should start…my plans where to go to the court house and get the list of forclosed house in Montgomery County, and surrounding areas. But since this law I’m alittle lost. The website with reference to the new laws passed in July didn’t work for me. Can you please post it again. Also can you give me some advice on where to start, and if there are any RE you’ll personnel deal with.

I’m sorry guys. I posted it wrong. It’s