"Mary letters" and "yellow letters"

I have seen Ron Legrande’s Yellow Letters, but I’ve not seen these “Mary Letters” yet.

What are they? Are they similar to the Yellow Letters? Does anyone have a sample they can send me?

Hey I have samples… :slight_smile:

I thought it was your product Michael, just wasn’t sure - anyway you can email me a sample, or fax?

I can but they whole is system comes with 60 plus letters and about 50 plus forms and nearly 700 pages of how to…

And please…what is the “Mary Letter” Do we have something new in our arena to share? Oh my! ! Im excited. Please, tell me more about the “Mary” letter!!!

It goes Mary had a little lamb… Remember!

Make your marketing personal. That will pull. Yellow letters, Blue, Green or white. Make it personal. Message should not be HOW GREAT YOU ARE. Keep the BS out of the equation.

Make it benefit oriented not features.

Great advice… I see a lot of letters that tell people how good someone is and forgets to talk to the prospect about their need. When I go out and sign contracts I always pick up the other Investor letters, theyre some funny reading…

Michael Quarles

So Ron LeGrand comes to town and does a seminar. Hundreds of people attend. Then people in pre-foreclosure get 100’s of Yellow Letters. Yours is just caught in the middle of the pile.

I have visited with sellers that have stacks of letters that look identical with the same message. Guess why they called me and all the same letters other people use?

Think about how the large companies don’t use the same exact commercials and change the name. Do you ever see the same commercial for both Best Buy and Circuit City?

or McDonalds or Burger King?

NO!!! So why would you want to copy someone else’s marketing? Create your own, be unique and stand out!

What we do is that I will have someone take a picture of a FSBO that is in our geographic area and mail them a greeting card with a personal message.

On our demographic mailing I use a personalized usps.com post card. Once we meet with the prospect we will then send a greeting card of thanks. Usually with a gift of some sort. Cookies, brownies…etc.

All done on automation.

NODs is a bad example since everyone and their mother market to them. In my town, we have about 700 NODs a month and 700 investors in our REI club who get told to market to them. I find no value in marketing to them, although I do get calls from NODs.

Marry and Yellow letters work in part because they get opened and read. The next challenge is the content of the letter. Can you sell the reader on what you are doing. can you convice them to call you. Thats where the content plays a role.

Biggest mistakes I’ve seen are:

  1. No follow through, investors mail once or twice and call it quits if they do not get calls… I learned how to follow through from Michael’s system
  2. Weak message, or no message at all in the letters or post cards
  3. Sending to the wrong audiance

700 NOD’s a month is quite a lot.

I do a combination of repeated yellow letter mailings and telemarketing to the NOD list. planning to implement door to door sometime in the future.

Follow up yellow letters are definately a must. Even with 1 letter it isn’t enough.